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The goddess Demeter: all about her

All people are fond of something and are interested in something. The object of passion for many people is the Greek culture with all its gods and goddesses. It's rather difficult to understand all the intricacies of the Greek pantheon of the gods at once. It is better to do it gradually. Goddess Demeter - that's who you should start with.

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At the very beginning it is worth noting that Demeter is the daughter of Rhea and Kronos, the sister of the all-powerful god Zeus and goddess Hera, which puts her on the same level as the most powerful and influential gods of Olympus.


The goddess Demeter in Greek mythology is consideredpatroness of farmers, the mother of the fertility of the earth. According to the legend, thanks to her and her daughter Persephone, the seasons change - only a part of the year the mother and daughter can spend together, then on the earth and summer comes. All the other time Persephone lives in the dungeon with her husband Hades, and at this time Demetra longs and cries for her daughter, giving birth to rain, snowstorms and bad weather. And only when the hour of the meeting is approaching, a thaw comes, Demetra has a hope for an early meeting and spring comes.

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The goddess Demeter is very attractive, and her image- warm and pleasant. So, her hair is the ears of ripe wheat, her face is pretty, and her body is lush, rich. In due time such women attracted men, therefore Demeter was always desired by the opposite sex. The character of the goddess is kind, she is calm and balanced, but with a painful sense of justice. She often cruelly punished people who tried to deceive her or their kind.


The goddess Demeter was sung by many poets, oshe has a lot of legends and painted pictures. Often she appeared in the image of a wandering woman in search of her daughter, sometimes - sitting, surrounded by the fruits of the earth. Its main attributes are ears, symbols of fertility, and also a torch as a symbol of the search for a lost daughter. The goddess of fertility Demeter considered her sacred animals as the Serpent and the Pig.


All gods had their followers - peoplededicated. So, the origin of the name Dmitri is interesting, which is deciphered exactly as "dedicated Demeter", "one who worships Demeter, the goddess of fertility".

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Demeter - the goddess from the category of "first", "big"goddesses who stand at the head of Olympus. That is why the people found an excuse how to honor Demeter on earth, creating a dedicated mother cult. Initiated women often reproduced in special mysteries the grief, the longing for the mother of Demeter by her daughter. A participant in this ritual was not so easy. It is necessary to pre-fast, physically and spiritually cleanse. Then those who were allowed to the Mysteries, drank a special drink - kikeon - and were admitted to the temple. What happened outside the doors of the temple was always a mystery, the disclosure of which was punishable by death. That is why little is known about these sacraments. But scientists suggest that the composition of the beverage included certain psychotropic substances that changed the consciousness of each person, allowing to fully surrender to what is happening and the soul and body. Those who passed the mysteries were considered initiated into the secrets of life and death and were in good standing with the community. Interesting is the fact that slaves were allowed to participate in the mysteries.