/ What is the average growth in Russia in the past, present and future

What is the average growth in Russia in the past, present and future

Many, probably, thought about the question,whether our own parameters correspond to the so-called arithmetic mean, and what factors influence the fact that the metric indices of the body become larger or smaller. After all, it's enough to go on an excursion to the historical museum to be sure: in the chain armor of the knight of the times of Kievan Rus, the 16-year-old will not fit in, and the women's shoe of those times will go only to a 12-year-old modern girl. It is obvious that the average growth in Russia has changed over the centuries. What factors influence its increase or decrease?

Average Growth in Russia

First, you can not discountgenetic predisposition: there are peoples high, and there are undersized. World records that the African tribes beat the one in the other direction: Tutsis, Masai and nylots "swing" by 180-200 cm, while men from the pygmy tribe reach only 150 cm in height. It is believed that the most tall men in Europe (188 cm!) Live in Holland. Yes, and a woman in 177 cm in the country of tulips and windmills will not be called "dilda". The average growth in Russia also depends on the genetic parameters of the titular people of this or that federal region.

Average height of a man in Russia
During the period of its uneasy history, our countryexperienced upsurge in "rises" and periods of "shortening" of the nation. This is not the last role played by other nations, which, mixing with the indigenous population, influenced the height of descendants. The Varangians extended the growth of Rusich, whereas the Tatar-Mongol invasion severely shortened it. But not only the influx of new bloodlines played a major role in this process. The average growth in Russia also depended on the overall level of the nation's welfare.

Knowingly in Russian the word "healthy" isa synonym for "big". It has long been observed that a painful child does not grow tall. Particularly affects the length of the body malnutrition or poor nutrition in childhood. Therefore, specialists from the WHO also consider the average growth in Russia as an indicator of the health and well-being of the people. A clear proof of this is the study of the parameters under which a person could be recruited into the army. In the era of Peter the Great such a bar was at 163 cm, under the reign of Catherine II - 160 cm. Later, in the XIX century, the population began to gain centimeters, but under Alexander II it was again chopped.

Average height of a woman in Russia
Yes, and what to go far: in the 50-ies of the twentieth century, people whose childhood was in the hungry war years, were short: factories mostly sewed outfits for women with a height of 150-160 cm. But then came the "full" in the 1970s, when the average height of a man in Russia reached 168 cm, and women - 157 cm. In the 1980s people started talking about "acceleration": almost all the children were above their parents. When the turbulent 1990s burst, the population growth curve again declined.

If to the collapse of the Soviet Union ordinary mancalmly reached the bar 176 cm, and the woman - 164 cm, but now the statistics have changed somewhat. Men continue to hold their positions, while the average growth of a woman in Russia has decreased by two centimeters. Scientists predict that children born after the economic crisis hit the world in 2007 will grow smaller than their older brothers and sisters, whose first ten years of life fell on the prosperous 2000s.