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The Goddess of Love: who she is, and how to get her patronage

Regardless of the time, the development of culture andhistorical features, every nation, every nation had and will have its own ideas about divine beauty, eternal love and the power of good, which are reflected in many beautiful myths and legends. So the person is arranged: despite all his shortcomings, he intuitively feels that it is in this world that is in the first place. This is best understood by beautiful women. Perhaps, that is why, in the ancient myths of beauty and harmony, the main role is played not by God, but by the goddess of love. History shows that a man, despite his strength and ability, is clearly losing in this sphere. Let's plunge a little into the world of these wonderful traditions.

The goddess of love

The Greek Goddess of Love

The name of Aphrodite has long been considered a symbol of beauty andcharm. If you believe the ancient Greeks, the goddess of love came out of the sea, more precisely from sea foam, so it is also called "foam-born". She patronized everyone who had this wonderful feeling in her heart, as well as to composers and artists who composed their immortal works on the theme of love. Aphrodite carried love and beauty to the world, but she never showed respect for marriage, so the Greek goddess of love often clashed with the hero, the guardian of conjugal fidelity. On Olympus she had a husband - the god of forge craft and fire Hephaestus. He was not very handsome, and so frivolous Aphrodite sometimes cheated on him, resulting in the birth of Harmony and Eros.

Greek goddess of love

Egyptian goddess of love

The ancient builders of the pyramids had their ownidea of ​​the ideal embodiment of femininity. The Egyptians revered the gentle, sensual and passionate Hathor. She was crazy about music and dancing, for this reason her symbol became a systra - an ancient musical instrument, somewhat reminiscent of a rattle. The Egyptians even had a special amulet with its image, which they put on their necks for protection from evil forces and for the patronage of the goddess in heart matters. Hathor took care of young couples and did everything to ensure that their married life was happy.

egyptian goddess of love

The Goddess of Love from the Ancient Slavs

Our distant ancestors are the patroness of marriage andthe hearth was Lada. Everyone loved her, especially women. The goddess of love was particularly favored by the newlyweds. She often brought flowers, honey, live birds and berries, and in the sacred groves Lada left on the trees handkerchiefs, embroideries and rings. In her honor, festivals were often held. Lada was very attentive to the requests of people and for this she deserved another name - Shedrynia. In the old days from 6 to 19 January (now at this time celebrate Epiphany) in her honor held a celebration and sang songs-generous, which praised the world, consent and love for people. In the lakes and rivers, a hole cut through, and they threw grain, pancakes and pies, and colored ice scraps were put on the ice for decoration. In the pictures, Lada often took the image of a beautiful young blond woman holding her son, the winged god Lel, in her arms. The temple in her honor could be found in almost every ancient Russian city. This goddess of love had its own special sign - a circle with a triangle inscribed inside it, directed at an acute angle downwards. These figures were chosen for good reason and bear a secret significance. The circle is the universe, and the triangle is its center. Thus, we see that the Slavs believed that at the heart of everything - love and harmony. It was believed that the stone of Lada is carnelian, and therefore it was often included in various ornaments.

Old Slavic goddess

Happiness in your home

Each of the goddesses of love is charming in its own way. If you believe in feng shui, put an image of one of them in the area of ​​helpers (north-western sector of the house). You ask why not in the sector of love? Yes, because there must be paired objects and a single symbol here can cause the opposite effect. But the area of ​​assistants is the most ideal place. In the role of a symbol, you can use a statue, embroidery, a picture or simply its sign. After that, you will notice the help of the goddess: the aura in the house will get better, but in life there will be more mutual and divided love.