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How can you name a group of kindergarten

Preschool children are curious,mobile, active. They really like the bright design of the group room. Educators try to take this important moment into account. In each preschool institution, the groups, in addition to the number, also have their own name.

How can you name the group? Often the names are associated with fairy-tale heroes: Kolobok, Cheburashka, Krasnaya Shapochka, Alyonushka ... But they should not be given just like that. The style of the group, its aesthetic appearance create a unique image in the design of the room, help develop the taste in children, the ability to see not only a bright spot on the wall, but also to notice its colorfulness, correct application.

how can you name the group
Teachers are trying to design the interior of the group,Parents' corners, game, physical culture, theatrical zones in accordance with the name. The desire to reflect in him some quality of preschoolers, the ability to be friends
how can you name the group in kindergarten
, does not conflict involves thinking aboutthis issue. Sometimes parents themselves can suggest how you can name a group in a kindergarten. For this, surveys and questionnaires are conducted. Agree, a boy of five years does not really want to go to "Thumbelina" or "Camomile". Neutral name of the group (for example, "Boat", "Luchiki", "Pochemuchki"), not associated with the image of only a girl or boy, like the guys much more.

Let us recall the tale of N. Nosov "The Adventures of Neznaika." Heroes of the Flower City are known to every child! The life of such a fun, interesting place can be transferred to a kindergarten, calling the group

how to name a group in kindergarten
"Funny little people."

How can you name the group, and tell everyonefamous Russian folk tales. "The house is in the field ..." The name of the group "Teremok" is cast from this work, because the characters are so friendly with each other, they can find a solution in the life situation, they help each other. Babies should be reminded why they go to a group with this name. Senior preschoolers will advise what name will suit their premises. The advice and reasoning of the children are sometimes very interesting and unusual, they should also be listened to.

How can you name a group of preschoolers? .. Any question concerning children should be carefully thought through. An incomprehensible name or unpleasant children heroes of any fairy tale taken to the interior of their premises can cause a negative, and sometimes unwillingness to go to the group. In conversations with children who do not like going to kindergarten, psychologists also note this problem. It would seem that adults do not pay attention to the name of the group, but it's not. Subconsciously they perceive the name of these premises in the pre-school institution where their children go. In the conversations of parents, whose children attend different preschool institutions or groups, you hear: "Well, how can you name the group? To my Dima (Vanya, Stas ...) I like the band so much! Even the name provokes positive emotions. "

Children of an early age do not yet associate the namegroups with their lives in it, but such soft, gentle words as "Firefly", "Baby", "Sun", "Bell", set parents on a calm, comfortable state, which is transmitted to the crumbs. The administration of the institution can also suggest how to name the group in the kindergarten. It would be desirable to wish all children and their parents to visit groups in preschool institutions with a beautiful, pleasant and understandable name.