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How to write an essay "Oblomov's Image"?

The image of Oblomov is the greatest creationIvan Goncharov. This type of hero did not become unique in the history of Russian literature. Something similar has already been seen by readers in one of the works of Fonvizin, and also in The Marriage of Nikolai Gogol. However, Goncharov revealed the type of this hero most fully. His character is complex and multifaceted. The essay "Oblomov's image" teachers are asked in literature lessons to ensure that students can understand the depth of this famous Russian character. How to accomplish this task?

essay image of Oblomov

The Goncharov era

The work "Oblomov's Image" is a short analysis of Goncharov's work and a comparative description of the protagonist with other characters.

In the novel, the author displayed specificfeatures of the end of the era of serfdom. The main character is a collective image. In the years when the novel was published, a few years remained until the adoption of the reform, which enlightened and advanced minds of Russia had long hoped for. However, the time of the serf landlords was approaching the decline. For people who have no other existence, the transformation in society has become a real tragedy. Before embarking on a task such as an essay (Oblomov's Image), one should familiarize himself in general with the main historical events of the second third of the nineteenth century.

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Apartment Oblomov

At the beginning of the work Goncharov introduces the readerwith the life of the hero and his environment. The novel begins with the description of Oblomov's apartment. A detailed picture of the dwelling of this character reveals his inner world. No wonder the author says that if it were not for the slippers that are near the bed, not the cigar left nearby, and not the owner himself, lying on the couch, you could think that in this apartment for a long time no one lives. Everything here is in a lifeless desolation. The work "Oblomov's Image" assumes an in-depth analysis of the situation in which Goncharov's hero is. Without a description of the details that might seem insignificant at first glance, the character's characterization would not be complete.


The main character's main character isA slovenly room that conveys the inner world of its master. Oblomov himself periodically screams out the name of his servant, which results in a person whose appearance also leaves much to be desired. Zakhar is not only an image of a footman, which fully corresponds to the unsightly atmosphere of the room. This man is part of the feudal past. Characteristics of this character complements the image of Oblomov. The composition about the hero of the famous novel Goncharova can not bypass the description of the servant's original communication with his master. Zakhar addresses the master very frankly, without hypocrisy and servility. In conversations with his servant, Oblomov discovers his disgust for work, weakness and lack of will.

Oblomov composition image Oblomov


In the first part of the novel, the hero almost does not get up from the sofa. He spends time lying, indulging in idle dreams, colorful pleasant dreams. Sleep, like nothing else, vividly characterizes the image of Oblomov.

The composition of Goncharov's work followsadd a description of the dreams of this weak-willed hero. After all, they become a part of his life. The main feature, and with it the tragedy of this man is that in real life, he does not feel the confidence and comfort that he felt in the world he created. Memories of a happy childhood in the idea of ​​an ideal family life turned Ilya Oblomov.

The composition "Oblomov's image" can also begin with the biography of this hero. After all, it was the way of life in the family estate that shaped the personality of this man.

Childhood and native village

The main idea is connected with Oblomov's imagethe works of Goncharov. One of the contemporary critics has attributed this hero to the category of "superfluous people." Childhood and youth Ilya Ilyich spent in his native Oblomovka. This village remained forever in his heart as a wonderful and almost fabulous land. There were no picturesque mountains and blue seas, but they did not need anything. After all, people lived here, as in paradise.

Time in Oblomovka seemed to have stopped. Life proceeds quietly, peacefully, according to a special order. What a day, so someone's birthday or some holiday. Since childhood Ilya Oblomov has been weaned from independent actions. The composition "Oblomov's Image" is not just a description of one of the most famous Russian characters. In this work, the author must reflect the tragedy of the representatives of the last generation of serf landowners, who from childhood became accustomed to idleness and were so incapable of living in the city that, having found themselves in Moscow or St. Petersburg, they found themselves on the sidelines of social life. Of course, not all the descendants of the landowners experienced similar problems. Perhaps, the image of Oblomov in the novel is somewhat exaggerated.

"Oblomov" is an essay by Goncharov, which showed readers the fate of a man whose tragedy is his inaction and the inability to adapt to the new conditions of social life.

 the image of Oblomov in the novel of Oblomov's work

Another world

Ilya Ilyich grew up in an atmosphere where reignedcomplacency, laziness, idleness, idle talk. It was not customary at the estate to be interested in the latest news. Great attention was paid to sleep and meals, which were almost the meaning of life. To the little master, the nurse told wonderful fairy tales before going to bed. And it so happened that the magic legends mixed with him with the perception of the surrounding world. And when Oblomov arrived in Petersburg, he was unpleasantly struck by the fact that the people who surround him are leading a completely different lifestyle. This world was so incomprehensible to the hero that he decided to hide from him with the help of dreams and fruitless dreams.

Antipode Oblomov

Andrew Stolz is the oppositeOblomow. This hero - an active man, the mind in his life prevails over feelings. Throughout the narrative, the author seeks to understand why these people are so different.

Antipode Oblomov is of German origin. But, of course, the divergence of views is not a consequence of nationality. Stolz is the son of a poor German. In his family, the work was given the predominant role. Since childhood Andrei was taught to work. Idleness in his understanding is almost the most terrible misconduct. Stolz is not inclined to philosophical reasoning, he does not like to dream and indulge in empty reflections. He works all his life. However, the trouble of Stolz is that he does not have a high goal. He works for the sake of work. Only because it has no other existence.

the image of Oblomov in the novel

What does this character have in common with Oblomov's image in the novelOblomov? The composition devoted to the main character of the work of Goncharov, as already mentioned, needs to be supplemented by a comparative characteristic. And if we carefully consider the lives of these two heroes, it becomes clear that they are both victims of education. Parents made Oblomov pathological lazy and dreamer. Stolz's father brought up a commendable diligence in his son, but he did not instill the ability to appreciate the beautiful, to enjoy life.


It is not devoid of romantic features that Oblomov's imagenovel. The writing about him is an artistic analysis of a literary hero, whom love could save, but the cruelty of the world around him became stronger than this feeling. Olga Ilyinskaya fell in love with Ilya Ilyich, but she preferred the more sensible Stolz.

Oblomov's image is short

The image of Oblomov is tragic and hopeless. Composition, a brief account and analysis of the novel will help to understand the depth of Goncharov's immortal work. And also the relevance of the topic, which the Russian writer raised more than one hundred and fifty years ago. After all, the Oblomovs still exist today.