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English First: Feedback

Learning English in our time has becomevery popular and necessary occupation. People are increasingly traveling, visiting various European and exotic countries. And for communication, English is mostly used. It speaks at international airports, major train stations, cafes, restaurants, in places where tourists gather. Learning English is not at all difficult, having a great desire and perseverance. In this children, adolescents and adults, various language courses help, which in Russia today are many. One of the largest centers in the country is English First.

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English First was founded in 1965year, as an international organization in the CIS. The purpose of the organization is English, learning and improving skills. Here the students are offered to take a course that will allow them to speak and read fluent English, to understand the speech of the media well. The organization selects a team of English-speaking and Russian-speaking teachers, develops special programs for different age groups. Practically anyone can study the language here. As with many organizations, the main requirement of the English First is the payment of classes. But, unfortunately, this is not always a guarantee of a successful and painless graduation.

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As in any business - there are always dissatisfied.Choosing an organization for studying the language, you can find that about English First reviews leave much to be desired. Many users write that training in this organization has become a hoax to them from the very beginning. And in reality, many negative reviews can be found on the forums. For a certain stratum of the population, fraud in EF began with the very first visit. The first negative: the groups turned out to be twice as many as originally planned. Next: bought in the English First literature is not always useful completely or not useful at all, although it cost a lot of money. The next discontent of the masses - the ability to fluently speak English and remained beyond the power of many students. Although it is worthwhile to think about the diligence and abilities of the trainees themselves. After all, you can get the result only if the teacher teaches and the student learns. And if a person is not given an object or he does not make enough effort, then it will be practically impossible to learn the language. Also, learning with a native speaker has become a torment for some students, since it is very difficult to understand the grammar and the features of constructing sentences, if the Russian-speaking teacher does not explain it. And the high price of courses causes a rather high wave of indignation among the trainees in English First. The responses of dissatisfied customers are full of indignation, but it is difficult to understand where just claims are, and where not too much.

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On the other hand, English First courses, reviewsshow, have many positive moments. For some, this course has become a salvation among hopeless attempts to master a foreign language. The atmosphere (according to reviews) reigns very friendly, sad and dull classes almost never happen. Therefore, many are happy to attend English First. The reviews show the high professionalism of the teachers. It is evident that they treat their business in this organization properly. Classes attract their variety: reading, grammar, speaking, watching movies, listening.