/ / Grenada Island - an island country in the southeast of the Caribbean: capital, area, population, state structure, history

The island of Grenada is an island nation in the southeast of the Caribbean: the capital, the area, the population, the state structure, history

Grenada is a small islanda state located in the West Indies, on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The area of ​​the country is small, but this does not prevent the indigenous people from living comfortably and accepting a huge number of tourists every year. The island of Grenada is formally administered by the Queen of Great Britain, and in practice by the Governor-General, who acts on her behalf.

The state is called an "island of spices", sincehere are grown a lot of different spices: saffron, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, etc. The capital of Grenada is St. Georges. Here are the main attractions of the country and business centers. The official language is English, so tourists do not have barriers in the conversation plan. The population of Grenada (110,000 people) is non-conflict in terms of religion, despite the fact that one half of the inhabitants profess the Catholic faith, and the other - Protestant.

Climate and weather of the country

Grenada is close to the equator, so forIt is characterized by a tropical trade-wind climate, replaced by a subequatorial climate. The air temperature practically does not change throughout the whole year and ranges from +25 to +28 degrees Celsius. On the island there is a high humidity, precipitation quite often falls out.

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Tourists are not recommended to visit the country inthe period from June to November, as at this time there are tropical rains without ceasing. The most favorable time for traveling is the period from January to May. Although in this period of time there are rains, but not so much and often. In any other period on the island it is sunny and dry. Some tourists love the rain and love to travel at this time. However, on Grenada, along with the rainfall, the strongest winds blow, almost hurricanes. Therefore, you should be careful when planning a trip to this wonderful island.

Nature of the country

As already noted, the area of ​​Grenada is quite small and is 344 km2. But this does not prevent the state from rejoicing itsguests of magnificent nature. The island has a volcanic origin, and therefore there are very beautiful landscapes. In Grenada you can find beautiful plains and highlands, which alternate with magnificent tropical forests, rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

This island attracts environmentalists from all over the world. People who like quiet nature, you need to go to Grenada. A small country will give the opportunity to admire the surroundings, not spoiled by the aggression of civilization. Local people are proud of their tropical forests with a variety of wildlife. You can also note the magnificence of waterfalls, clean beaches and coral reefs. Travelers will happily bathe in the coastal waters. This is safe, since sharks will not be able to swim close to the shore due to the abundance of coral reefs.

Beautiful places of the island and the flag of the country

The history of Grenada dates back to the timesColumbus, who discovered this island. To date, since ancient times, preserved Creole architecture, which should see every tourist who has visited the country. In the capital of Grenada there is a huge number of monuments and buildings that the French built in the XVII century. The most famous architectural sites are Fort Frederick, which is still a fortress used by the armed forces of the state, and Fort George, popularly called royal.

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The flag of Grenada is very bright and beautiful. It was based on three colors: yellow, meaning the friendliness of local people, green, which speaks of agriculture, and red, embodying courage and unity. The flag depicts seven stars that represent the administrative units of the state. Also there is a nutmeg, the production of which is famous for Grenada. Moreover, the state takes a leading position in this issue.

Among the attractions are houses,built in Victorian and Gregorian styles. The museum contains expositions that tell about the island, its tragic history, as well as the flora and fauna. Tourists like to visit the national parks and nature reserves of Grenada.

However, special attention in the territory of the countrydeserves a sculpture park. It was created by Jason Taylor, who is one of the best naturalists and architects in the world. The park is under water, and you can see works of art only when immersed or from a boat, where there is a special platform. Believe me, it's worth seeing! The park is unique and unrepeatable, the figures are made very qualitatively, this show will not leave anyone indifferent.

Features of nutrition of inhabitants of the country

Grenada is an island nation, and thisconditioned food that is used by locals and travelers. The country has an abundance of fish and seafood, as well as meat, vegetables and fruits. National cuisine is unique, since it represents a symbiosis of the French, English and African-Americans.

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Fish and meat dishes are served by experienced chefsfruits of breadfruit, yams, sweet potatoes, legumes and manioc. As a dessert are candied flowers of the same breadfruit tree. With regard to alcoholic beverages, the island is very fond of local rum own preparation.

If you want to try the Greenlandickitchen, it is best to visit restaurants, cafes or go to visit a local resident. Stopping at a hotel, tourists often eat there. Unfortunately, cooks in hotels can not convey the uniqueness of the island's cuisine, there is no national color in their dishes.


The island of Grenada in the Caribbean is an ideal placefor travelers. Here they are highly appreciated, because of the tourists the state is thriving and becoming popular all over the world. To ensure that travelers do not have problems with housing, an enormous number of hotels have been built on the island.

Most hotels have three stars, theyare designed for people who love peace, relaxation and peace. There are five-star hotels, but they are not in demand. In hotels there is no three meals a day, in some you can count only on breakfast, but in others they do not give it.

Not all tourists like to rest in hotels. For this, the local residents of the island of Grenada are ready to host you for a certain price. Here you can not worry about nutrition, since the owners are very responsible in this regard. Private house or apartment can be rented for $ 50-60 per night. By the way, the currency on the island of Grenada is the East Caribbean Dollar.

Recreation and entertainment

Travelers on the island in the mainentertain themselves, making excursions for sightseeing. Among the tourists, various natural reserves and national parks are very popular. However, there is an occupation for all.

Fans of the thrill is recommendedtry diving, boating and sailing, snorkelling. It should be noted that in August the island hosts nightly parties and a national carnival. Here you can have fun from the heart, and this time will be remembered for life.


Those who like to go in for sports during the rest period can enjoy a game of golf on a wonderful site. All fields are made according to the latest requirements, and it's a pleasure to play them.

As for a relaxing holiday, then there isa great lesson. Visiting nature reserves, you can witness the magnificence that gives the tourist island. Being in silence, people for a long time contemplate the rainforests and blue lagoons. So absolutely all the guests will find something to their liking. Grenada is a wonderful country, intended for the reception of tourists and travelers.

Souvenirs and purchases

Grenada on the world map is located betweenThe Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. As already noted, this country is called an "island of spices and spices", hence the interest of tourists to buy. Each traveler, after visiting Grenada, must necessarily bring home unique spices. Also often are interested in handicrafts and textiles. In the souvenir shops sold many figures of ancient gods, masks and amulets. This is due to the influence of African traditions.

Stores of clothing and other things are open totourists from 8 am to 4 pm. On Saturday, all institutions of this type are closed at one o'clock in the afternoon. Only handicraft shops work without days off and holidays. When the season of tourists comes, local traders change their schedule. It depends on how many ships with travelers are at the piers. The ports have their own shops offering unique souvenir products.

Transport situation

In fact, there is no problem with transport in Grenada. Point Salina has an international airport, and all localities are connected by a network of good highways. Between cities comfortable comfortable buses constantly go. In St. George's you can move in various ways: by taxi, bus or passing. If you need to get to another island, boats and boats are used.

economy of grenada

Tourists can rent a car, butwill cost this service much more expensive than in Europe. If you decide to move by taxi, it is worthwhile to know that a trip is paid for the counters. With private taxi drivers should agree in advance, and then on arrival you will expose a round sum, which at times exceeds the real one. With taxi drivers in general, you should be careful, since they immediately distinguish a tourist from a local resident. They are friendly with travelers, and then they break the price. It is worth noting that at night there is an increased tariff, which exceeds the daily rate by 1.5 times.


Grenada on the world map is marked as an island, andsuch a state is safe in all respects. The people are quite friendly and conflict-free. But suspicious people are everywhere, so do not provoke them, showing a luxurious life. It is not necessary to take extra money with you and expensive jewelry. And if you still have them, it will be safer to leave them in the hotel safe.

Buying things and souvenirs is not recommendedshow the entire contents of the wallet, do not leave things unattended. A large number of pickpockets are traded at parties. So do not be surprised if there are assistants around you who are trying to gain trust. You do not need to be naive, it is better not to tell the first person about a happy financial condition and personal life.

As for ecology and air, hereno claim. The island is quite clean, because the industry is rather weak. You will not find chemical waste and other harmful substances in Grenada. To completely protect yourself, drink bottled or boiled water.

Economy of Grenada

As already mentioned, the main source of incomethe country is tourism, and every year everything is done to strengthen this direction. The island earns on the sale of spices and spices, as well as the provision of offshore services. Foreign capital consists mainly of two parts: American and English. Entrepreneurs in Russia have not yet mastered this market. It is worth noting the softness of the business climate, but strictness in customs duties, taxes and money laundering.

Grenada population

The state of Grenada has a high level of unemployment. The government of the country welcomes the creation of companies providing services and engaged in construction. If the administration is interested in a business project, it will help to implement it. As in any other state, there is a bureaucracy that stops many entrepreneurs.

In spite of everything, the government is goodrefers to private business, especially if it is aimed at the development of tourism and construction. The state structure of Grenada is unitary, so it will be a little more difficult to organize one's business. However, if you wish, everything is possible. If it turns out to establish a business in the field of tourism, we can say with certainty that it will pay for itself in a short time and will begin to bring a good profit.

The property

It is worth noting that this aspect of business in Grenadais developed rather poorly. Only the construction of hotels and bungalows provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to purchase some hotels in the property. Usually houses and apartments are bought by local residents who prefer to live compactly and calmly. However, nothing prevents from buying property to any foreigner. If you want, you can find a stunning apartment overlooking the sea, but it will also be worth it.

On average, home and apartment prices vary byranging from 30 thousand to 15 million euros. It is noteworthy that local residents sell houses not for dollars, but for euros. It is worth noting that in recent years interest in real estate on the island of Grenada has grown significantly. Entrepreneurs are actively building luxury homes with swimming pools, multi-storey hotels with views of the Caribbean Sea, etc.

A few tips for the traveler

When you are going to visit Grenada, you need to knowsome things so that there are no unpleasant situations. For example, you can bring alcohol and cigarettes in limited quantities - no more than 1 liter and 200 pieces, respectively. Plants and products must not be imported.

grenada area

Choosing a tourist zone, it is better to preferone of the most popular. Once you arrive at the island, it is best to exchange money for local currency. It is much more profitable to pay in shops and institutions. You can, of course, pay and US dollars, but in this way you will lose some money for nothing. It is necessary to know that when you withdraw a hotel or pay a check in a restaurant, 8% of taxes and 10% of the tip are added to any amount. This percentage does not depend on the quality of service, it is a fixed price.

You can not walk around the city in swimsuits, shorts andshort tops. Also in the open you do not need to visit restaurants and cafes. Swimsuits only on the beach. In general, women are better off wearing clothes that will cover their knees. It is noteworthy that nobody cares about the size of the decollete. It is forbidden to smoke in public places, especially to the fair sex. Interesting information: on the island of Grenada you can not raise corals from the ocean day. For this trick you will be fined.