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Composition on the painting Popkov "Autumn Rain" (in the form of a response)

Autumn is a strange time of the year.For someone, it seems like a rotting, gloomy pit of torture, where they constantly remind you of a painful past and thus drive you into depression. And only some were lucky to know her velvety greatness with a golden leaf scatter and a platinum sky.

Although, not about this now, but about the composition of the paintingPopkov "Autumn rains" in the form of a response. Recently, a new fashion has reigned in the school curriculum: writing essays-reviews about books or pictures. But, despite the fact that there are requirements, rarely, who will tell you how to write such works correctly. Today we will fight.

What is a review?

Composition on the painting Popkov "Autumn Rain" more oftenit is necessary to write everything in the form of a response. What is the composition of the review is different from the usual? Similarly, the essay should consist of three main parts: entry, main body and ending. But in addition, it is necessary in the composition-recall Popkov "Autumn Rain" to write what feelings the picture caused. Pay attention to the moments that are hooked and, of course, to share valuable knowledge, gleaned from the picture.

composition on the picture popkov autumn rains

It is worth remembering: the essay-tip is, firstly, a personal opinion about the book read or the picture seen, and, secondly, the accompanying information about the author and his work.

Layout of the composition

Composition on the painting Popkov "Autumn Rain"it will be much easier to write, guided by a detailed plan. After all, without a plan of thought, it will be chaotic to wander around in a circle, and at best there will be a set of proposals that are united by a common theme, but do not disclose it completely.

As already mentioned, an essay on Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" must be written in the form of a response. To indicate the general information about the work at the end of the text is logically incorrect.

composition review on the picture popkov autumn rains

It is much better to write a fewsuggestions about the picture and its author at the beginning, and only then go on to describe the personal opinion on which the essay is based in the form of a response. Guided by this principle, the plan will look like this:

  1. How to create a picture of Popkov.
  2. What is depicted in the picture?
  3. Colors and features of the fine art of the artist.
  4. What is the work remembered for?
  5. Friendship, a lifetime.

By the way, using the first three items of the plan, you canwrite an essay-description of the painting Popkov "Autumn Rain." From the recall, it is characterized by a detailed description of the depicted details of the work, on which it is necessary to emphasize.

About the picture

In the artistic activity of Victor EfimovichPopkov's painting "Autumn rains" was the last. The work remained unfinished. The reason for this was the tragic death of its creator. In 1974, Popkov was killed by a collector: he mistakenly shot a random passerby, who was returning home.

To write this picture of Victor Efimovichinspired landscapes of the village of Mikhailovskoe. It was here that Pushkin spent so much time creating his literary masterpieces. He became the central figure of this amazing work.

Now the canvas "Autumn Rain" is in the Tretyakov Gallery, and anyone can look at it.

composition description by picture popkov autumn rains

Beautiful view

For a short essay on Popkov's painting"Autumn rains" is suitable for the following description. On the canvas Victor Efimovich drew the outstanding Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, standing on the threshold of the house and looking at the autumn landscape.

Autumn, albeit a sad time of the year, but for Pushkin- this is my favorite time. From his pen came a lot of works about the fall. It was in it that he drew his inspiration. Therefore, Popkov depicted not oppressive autumn yearning, but gave all her enchanting, golden-cool grandeur. And the heavy, steel-colored sky, and puddles, and even the cold gusts of the wind that shatter the poet's clothes, are executed with a special, romantic-sad charm.

Technical side of the question

In the composition of the painting Popkov "Autumn Rain"it is important not to forget to mention what colors the artist used and the features of applying the image to the canvas. So, Popkov, thanks to accurate and verified swabs, which painted the leaves and porch, was able literally to revive the picture. Looking at the canvas, as if you feel a piercing wind, you can hear the rain rustling and the drops of the earth break.

composition on the picture popkov autumn rains briefly

In the picture, basically, there are gray,orange-yellow and cinnamon colors. The leaves on the trees are painted with bright colors, which conveys the luxury and richness of the autumn decoration. The porch of the house is made in light gray tones. It's like he was bleached constantly by autumn rain. The figure of the poet, leaning against one of the two columns that adorn the porch of the house, is drawn as if by one, accurate and sharp stroke of a brush. In the picture only the silhouette of Pushkin is drawn. The artist did not depict the expression of his face, but even this is enough to feel the poet's coming from a peaceful and inspired state.


Popkov accurately managed to convey all the regal,the inspiring greatness of autumn. In the painting he depicted a rural autumn landscape: in the distance a meandering river with already cold water stretches. Above the spreading, golden crowns of trees, the platinum sky towers, from which heavy drops of a prolonged fall rain are about to fall. And the great Russian poet Pushkin looks at it all. He stands on an old, gray porch, leaning on one of the pillars, and contemplates this landscape.

What does he feel at this moment? This can only be learned from his poems. Light sadness and fleeting hope, flavored with an unusually light and warm feeling of inexplicable nostalgia, so harmoniously flow into the cold autumn landscape. And in the poems of the poet, and on the canvas of the artist, it manifests itself very vividly than they are remembered.

composition on the picture popkov autumn rains in the form of recall

Popkov's painting "Autumn Rains" is a tributeto the minutes that they left irrevocably. A visual reminder of a time when neither a piercing wind nor cold raindrops could get Pushkin to leave for a warm and cozy study. Between nature and the poet as if there are invisible bonds of unity. They are like old friends, between whom reigns a time-tested mutual understanding.

Autumn is sad about the summer heat that has passed away, and the poet has many reasons for sadness. But this is a bright sadness, like a farewell smile that gives confidence for a future meeting.