/ / Islands of the Society: Tahiti, Maupiti, Bora Bora, Moorea. Tahiti - the island of the Society: description, features

Islands of the Society: Tahiti, Maupiti, Bora Bora, Moorea. Tahiti - the island of the Society: description, features

Islands of the Company are a land area,which is located in the Pacific Ocean. Its main inhabitants are the population of French Polynesia. The total area is a little more than 1590 km ². These islands are divided into 2 groups - Windward (5) and Leeward (9). If we consider administrative division, then the first group includes 13 communes, the second group - 7.


The most important and largest land site is the island of Tahiti. His capital is called Papeete. Refers to the Windward Group. Its area is about 1040 km2, and the population - more than 178 thousand people (2007).

Tahiti consists of two parts: northern and southern. They are connected by a narrow strait. Almost the whole population lives in the northern part. This island of the Society is the most densely populated, here 70% of the total population of French Polynesia is located. If we consider the racial composition of the population, it is worthwhile to clarify that more than 80% - indigenous, 11% - Europeans, 4% - representatives of Asia, the rest - the mixed nation.

Both these island parts are of volcanic origin. In the territories there are mountains, the highest of which reach a mark in a little more than 2200 m. On their tops are located the jungle.

Since Tahiti was a French colony,Today, its population is represented by citizens of France. It is this island of the Society that is registered as land with the highest standard of living in Oceania. Undoubtedly, the main part of the profit is brought here by tourists. Despite the fact that France annually transfers to the local fund an amount equal to 1 billion euros, at the expense of duties on imported goods, this monetary aid is neutralized by itself.

The most important cultural event held in Tahiti is the dance performance "Have". This festival lasts for 2 weeks.

Tahiti is the island of the Society, which is the most developed and leading in terms of the level of the economy.

island of society

Bora Bora

The island of Bora Bora refers to LeewardIslands of the Society. It is located at a distance of 240 km from Tahiti. The island has an elongated shape, a length of 9 km with a maximum width of 5 km. Its area reaches a mark of 38 km2. The population, which is almost 9 thousand. man (2007), lives in the coastal zone, because the interior parts of the island because of dense vegetation are inaccessible, and you can get through them only on off-road cars. Almost all of the profits of Bora-Bora receives from the tourism business. There are many hotels, which, most often, visit American and Japanese vacationers.

As already mentioned, the island's economy is completelyis based on tourism. A couple from Tahiti it is considered the most visited in Oceania. This island of the Society is pleased with the development of the transport sector. There is an airfield, a regular bus, a helicopter. On the latter, as a rule, only guides with their tourists fly. There are such institutions as schools, banks, shopping centers.

Maupiti Island


Maupiti Island belongs to the Leeward Islands group of the Society. It is located at a distance of 300 km from Tahiti. Its area is 11 km2, and the population - more than 1200 people (2007). Many residents work in the tourism sector, however, this is not the main activity of the islanders. Most of all they are engaged in fishing and growing a lemonade morinda. You can get to the island by sea and by air, since there is a small airfield.



The island of Moorea belongs to the Windward IslandsThe Society, located 17 km from Tahiti. According to the configuration, it resembles a triangle. Its area is 133,50 km², and the population is more than 16 thousand people. Almost all of the island's profits come from tourism, the entertainment program of which consists of water species - diving, observation of the flora and fauna of the ocean. Also, some residents are engaged in the cultivation of pineapples.