/ / Bayer is the profession of the future. Basic requirements for the buyer's personality

Bayer is the profession of the future. Basic requirements for the buyer's personality

Professional buyers purchase goods andinventory for shops or businesses. Typically, they work for small companies, focusing on a specific line, such as clothing or accessories for women. Bayer is a profession that is designed to improve the company's performance for greater profits.

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The buyer is a profession

Bayer (from English buy - buy) shouldconstantly evaluate suppliers and conclude contracts with them. We also need to establish contacts and periodically learn about new trends in the industry, visiting exhibitions and conferences. This means that there will be compulsory travel both inside and outside the country. Bayer is a profession for those who do not like to sit in one place. Many of these workers can also be involved in overtime.

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Who is a buyer?

This is a specialist who is responsible for purchasinggoods of a certain type for the organization, such as a store of brand clothes, accessories, children's toys and so on. As you know, consumer demand is not constant, so it is important to regularly conduct its analysis and focus on the needs of the target audience. A long time ago, something like this was done by merchant-peddlers who traveled the world in search of rare goods. Bayer is a profession that can also be compared with a commodity expert in charge of the supply and sale of goods.

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Career career: requirements

We need higher education. The responsibilities include supply chain management, distribution, business administration.

The key skills are the ability to negotiate, make the right decisions, the ability to communicate, business acumen.

Tips for novice buyers

Take part in the internship. It can provide useful experience in a certain field. Trainees often work under the guidance of experienced buyers and learn about demand and supply, strategic negotiations and inventory management.

You can start with a temporary job (on a contract basis),to get the necessary experience and become a professional buyer over time. Job duties often include finding new suppliers, purchasing products at contract prices, analyzing business development trends and developing business plans. Such work provides opportunities for developing the necessary skills and negotiating.

Select the specialization of the purchase. Employers often look for candidates who have years of experience in specific areas, such as food, cars, children's toys or men's clothing. The choice of specialization at an early stage may lead to a higher level of employment in the future.

Bayer is a profession where in 2-4 years you can become experienced enough to achieve more prestigious professional positions with additional responsibilities.

Get a certificate. This demonstrates the capabilities of a professional buyer and can help to stand out in the labor market. Some employers even require certification, a big advantage of which is a salary increase.

Buyer Profession Training

Main responsibilities

The list of primary duties of a professional buyer includes:

  • analysis of sales data for the previous season;
  • predicting the wishes of customers;
  • evaluation of the quality of goods;
  • search and purchase of the necessary assortment;
  • establishing relationships with suppliers;
  • Advanced training by attending various events, shows and presentations.

Requirements for the identity of the buyer

Here is a list of qualities:

  • activity;
  • initiative;
  • sense of style;
  • aspiration to self-improvement;
  • love of beauty;
  • sociability;
  • well-developed intuition;
  • creative thinking;
  • possession of time management;
  • resistance to stress;
  • ability to work in a group of like-minded people;
  • purposefulness;
  • common sense;
  • manager's abilities;
  • high level of knowledge in a particular field;
  • Foreign language skills;
  • possession of a computer and other advanced information technologies.

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What advantages does Buyer have?

Profession (photo of how suchexperts, you saw above) in the world of fashion looks very attractive. Many people want to work in this industry, especially those who are crazy about shows, podiums, new collections of famous designers. What are the advantages of being a buyer? First, there is almost no competition in this segment of the market, therefore young specialists have decent prospects for developing and realizing their potential.

Secondly, a plus can be called a large salary,because there are not so many advanced specialists, but the demand for their services is quite high. In the modern era of consumerism, shop owners are willing to part with a decent amount of fees for a well-chosen range. Thirdly, the buyer always has the opportunity to dress himself stylishly and inexpensively, for example during foreign trips.

Difficult and responsible work

Despite its apparent advantages, gloss,gloss and a lot of beautiful things, the work of a professional buyer has its dark side, such as overtime, constant travel (for some it may be a real problem), certain financial risks, especially when investing from your own pocket.

buyer profession

Profession related to fashion

Who can work in the fashion industry? Designer, fashion designer, model, stylist. And yet? Bayer - a profession that has long been in demand in European countries, but is still new and little known for Russia and the CIS countries. But it is from representatives of this specialty that fashion trends and profit making by many clothing manufacturers largely depend. What are the features of the buyer profession? Where to study to become a professional buyer?

To our great regret, in the domestic highereducational institutions have not yet developed standardized programs for the preparation of buyers. In this regard, learn the basics of the profession will have to do on their own or abroad (British Higher School of Design, School of Fashion and Design Istituto Marangoni, London College of Fashion), where you can get an education on the profile.

Where can the Russian bayer start? A profession whose training is currently problematic has much in common with the work of a consulting salesman in a fashion boutique. As for education, it is possible to consider specialties related to the fundamentals of marketing, economics and management.

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Bayers are not only in fashion

Every year more and more newprofession, the labor market is gradually adapting to the needs of the time. In the world, almost everything is sold and bought, the most to make it possible for those who know how to do it better than anyone else.

Do you know who a media buyer is? The profession related to advertising and media planning is also popular in modern young and rapidly growing companies. The main task is to purchase advertising platforms and airtime on radio and television. After all, in order to sell something, you must first correctly advertise it.