/ / DS Likhachev's book "Letters on the good and beautiful": a brief summary. "Letters on the good and beautiful" - a book addressed to the youth

DS Likhachev's book "Letters on the Good and Beautiful": a brief summary. "Letters on the good and beautiful" - a book addressed to the youth

Do you read the summary? "Letters on the good and beautiful" - the topic of the article and the work of D. Likhachev, with whom we will get acquainted. Let's consider some letters that are fundamental and most significant. For those who are not familiar with the work of Dmitry Likhachev, this article will be a real discovery. In short we will talk about the author in order to better understand the importance and usefulness of his work.

a summary of the letter about the good and beautiful

about the author

Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev is verytalented culturologist, art critic and professor. He made a great contribution to the development of many sciences, for which he was repeatedly awarded at the highest level. During his life he changed many professions, but whatever he did, he became a master in this business. He is remembered and loved by hundreds of people. His wisdom and views on life, he expressed in books that are worth their weight in gold. They represent a real storehouse of knowledge for young people. Interestingly, Dmitry Sergeevich was never a member of the Communist Party. He also refused to sign any documents directed against cultural figures. However, he was not radical, but always tried to find a compromise.

First letter

How do we begin to consider the summary? "Letters about the good and beautiful" is best to begin to learn from the letter "Big in Small". In it the author tells that each person should have his own goal in life. It must be respected even in small things, because only then can you really achieve what you want. The idea that all means are good is considered pernicious. In order to follow something great, one should observe this in the most ordinary things. Thus, the author points out that in the material world it is difficult to observe the small in the large. The world of spiritual values ​​is arranged in a completely different way. A real example is given on the basis of F. Dostoevsky's book Crime and Punishment, in which the protagonist for the sake of a great goal goes to a crime, but turns out to be nothing.

Meaning of life

D.S. Likhachev wrote Letters on the Good and Beautiful as a parting word for the youth and it should be said that he coped well with his task. He talks about the importance of understanding his purpose. If you live aimlessly, then this will be normal vegetation. Also, Dmitry Sergeevich insists that every person should have principles in life. It will be more convenient to write them down somewhere. He also advises to keep a diary, but not to show it to anyone. The basic rule for an intelligent person is to live life so that then it would not be shameful. In order to be such a person, you will have to work hard. Generosity, kindness, truthfulness and honesty are inalienable qualities for everyone. It is also very important to deny yourself the small pleasures for a great result or in great temptations that can completely change your life. An important skill is the ability to understand and acknowledge your mistakes.

a brief summary of a letter about the kind and beautiful likhachev dmitry

Self-esteem and goals

As we already know, Dmitry Likhachev "Letters ongood and beautiful "wrote for young immature souls. The sixth letter is devoted to the complex issue of goals and self-esteem. Many young people get confused in the stereotypes of society and can not find themselves among them. The author refutes the idea that one should live an ascetic, do not take care of oneself and deprive oneself of small joys. Not at all! He only says that there must be a high goal, which can consist in living life worthily. Moreover, if a person chooses good for his goal, then can he be comprehended by insurmountable failures? In the world it is necessary to give more than to receive - only then you can experience real and lasting joy. Getting brings only a short-term pleasure, which decreases with each time, and the person wants more. This position destroys spirituality from within. Choosing spirituality, a person will be protected from a lot of chagrin and disappointment.

letters about the good and beautiful summary


D.S. Likhachev wrote "Letters on the Good and Beautiful" so talented that it is even possible to read them even in adults. Many chapters contain a lot of what some people understand only years later. The ninth letter, which is called "When should one take offense?" Will help many people solve their problem. Here the author talks about touchiness. He believes that there are only two reasons for this behavior: a lack of intelligence or the presence of complexes. What to do with a sensitive person? It is advisable to behave with him more carefully, because in fact, touchiness is a character trait that also causes much frustration to its owner.

On the same question about when to be offended,Dmitriy Sergeevich gives a simply brilliant answer, which must be memorized, as a golden rule: you should take offense only when you are intentionally offended. Even then, it is worthwhile to think about it before sinking to insult. If a person simply forgot something or was inattentive, it is better to forgive him for this, because the goal was not to offend you. In this case, it should be understood that this may be the cost of age or something else.

letters about the kind and beautiful dashing dichotome

Moral peaks

Book D.S. Likhachev's Letters About the Good and Beautiful is full of very true, wise thoughts. In the chapter on moral principles, he touches on an important topic about how one can judge anything. For example, a city or a park we judge by the fact that it has the best and beautiful. Similarly, art is judged, which we compose only from the best specimens. Then how can you say something about a man because of his evil deed? It will be fair to judge him by the best actions, and not by shortcomings. Moral foundations determine much. They show how high a person has risen or fallen low. Izians have everyone, but high motives determine our spirit. The most important thing is the ideals by which a person lives, who follows. Even the aircraft during the flight does not lean on the air, but tends upwards and as if "sucked" to the sky.

d from Lihachev letters about the good and beautiful

Love to read!

How do you summarize? "Letters about the good and beautiful" (Dmitry Likhachev) also contain a chapter on the importance of reading in the life of the individual. Love of books is a personal trait of the character of the author. He puts a huge emphasis on the role of books in human life. "Letters on the good and beautiful" Dmitry Likhachev wrote after he himself had read an incredible number of books. Silent teachers allow you to live several lives at once, plunge headlong into another world, try on yourself different masks. This is a very necessary skill that develops a person comprehensively.

Also, the author makes a special emphasis on the fact thateach person must deliberately take care of the level of his intellectual development. This will not only allow us to remain an interesting interlocutor, but also fill everyday life and the spiritual world. Literature can enrich a person with a vast life experience, which is simply impossible to obtain in one life. Dmitry Dmitrievich also says that it is important to read slowly and ponder over the words, and not just to run through their eyes. He understands the importance of reading modern literature, because the classics can not answer all the questions of today. It is also very important to study it to understand the eternal values.

book from Likhachev's letter about the good and beautiful

Last letter

So our summary is coming to an end. "Letters on the good and beautiful" ends with the last letter of kindness. In this chapter the author sums up some results. He says that the purpose of writing the book was not to teach anyone, but to comprehend his own experience. He pays much attention to the fact that it's much easier to learn by yourself when you teach someone. In addition, he does not call himself the truth in the first instance. "Letters about the good and beautiful" Dmitry Likhachev conceived not only as a book for others, but also as a manual for himself, on which he himself can grow.

Likhachev letters about the good and beautiful

This chapter is devoted to the trail in life. If you live only in domestic affairs, then after you nothing will remain. One must be able to do good to others, because it's so simple, but how much fills the inner world of a person! "Letters about the good and beautiful", the summary of which we have considered, are obligatory for reading for each person. This book should be read at any age, it will definitely benefit. That's the end of the summary. "Letters on the good and beautiful" - this is a wonderful guide to life, written by the talented DS Likhachev!