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Positive result or our seo school

Our Seo School offers intensive coursesinternet marketing. Such a system of education can not be offered by any university, in higher education institutions they give knowledge and diploma, and our courses - practical skills.

Intensive Internet courses of our school will beto be taught by professionals, true masters of their craft. You will receive a full-fledged, intensive, individual course where you will choose the topic that is relevant to you and your own training schedule.

Course directions:

  • The main aspects of designing and drawing up a detailed algorithm of actions, when developing a site;
  • Basics of designing and developing an online store;
  • Introductory course for a web designer;
  • The main aspects of site administration
  • Basics of website promotion in search engines
  • Modeling of advertising campaigns on the Internet
  • The main tools of web analytics and methods of site audit
  • 1C: Bitrix

As our seo school conducts training? Everything is very simple:

  • The training takes place in groups of up to 10 people, in the cozy office of the Internet agency "Webformula"
  • Each course-consultation is divided into logically completed stages, the so-called modules
  • Each material will be duplicated in a presentation

Expected Result:

After teaching internet marketing on ourmethod, you can independently promote your site, which in the future will bring you an excellent income. It will be in the first lines of the search engine results. You will know the basic rules for promoting web resources in search engines. After all, if you, for example, own an online store, and your site, on request, "online store", will be in the top list. What will allow your site to infuse visitors, thereby increasing the opportunity to sell one or another product that is presented on your site. It is also worth noting that there is a salary on contextual advertising, which can be placed on your website and due to the large flow of visitors, the chance that advertising will proclikana not once will increase.

Ordering Internet courses with us, youguarantee the expected result. From our side, the right education for that or other Internet craft will be made. After training you will become a successful person, with 100% probability. I wish you success! Thank you for choosing us!