/ / "Biting elbows": the meaning of phraseology and examples

"Biting elbows": the meaning of phraseology and examples

We often hear about the regrets of differentkind. People often lament over something that can not be corrected. The people came up with an expression for this kind of emotion. Today, in the zone of our attention, the stable phrase "biting elbows", its meaning and examples of use.


It is known that many phraseological units come frompeople's life and everyday observations. Do not graduate from the university in order to fully realize the inaccessibility of the elbow when you want to bite it. Perhaps, therefore, history has not preserved the specific origin of phraseology "biting elbows." Its source is self-evident.

bite one's elbows

With the meaning of native speakers, too, should notthere are tangible problems. The meaning of the expression is that a person either pities desperately for something, and then the speech turnover is used in the present tense, or only moral torments are predicted to him. As a rule, the second happens more often. This is the meaning of the expression "biting elbows", the meaning of phraseology is revealed.

The inexorability of time

Folk wisdom is deep, although the medium itselfworldly knowledge may not be aware of your mind. That is, people rarely understand what is hidden behind the chased phraseological formulations. It would seem that a simple thing is the impossibility of returning a perfect act or a spoken word back. Speech turnover "biting elbows" all the time reminds a person that he should live as meaningfully as possible and always think about the consequences of his choice, for if the latter is incorrect, then in the future (and maybe even in the present) it is possible to regret large-scale.

Emotional component

to bite elbows with the meaning of phraseology

Of course, a certain fatality of choiceis contained in the story. But there is another point of view, why in the proverb appears the elbow, and not, say, the ear or nose. You can not bite yourself for these parts of your body either. This is only a hypothesis, so do not judge strictly.

A person in a state of despair is capable of the impossible, so he can even bite his elbow from an excess of feelings. One trouble is that it will not fix anything.

As for the examples, how many do you want, butmost often the expression "biting elbows" can be found in the conversation of two women discussing a man. He does not like one, of course, but the other one is already married, but warns his girlfriend: "Look, if you miss it, you'll regret your whole life, you'll have to bite your elbows!" It's hard to say how much in percentage terms such prophecies fall precisely on purpose, but to hear this happens quite often.