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Kaluga State University: admission rules, passing scores

Before every schoolboy, who graduated from 11 classes,there is a choice of which educational institution to go to study. The entrants, purposeful, confident in their abilities and wishing to obtain a sought-after specialty, invites Kaluga State University. Tsiolkovsky.

Brief information about the university

The University of Kaluga is a higher educational institution,functioning in Kaluga since 1948. Earlier this university was pedagogical, but later it became classical. In addition to pedagogical specialties, other areas of training related to different areas of life appeared in it.

Kaluga State University

Currently operating in KalugaThe state university is the main one in the Kaluga region. It determines its development, is considered one of the leaders among local educational institutions in higher education. It is interesting to study here, because besides the academic weekdays the university offers various scientific, youth and sports activities.

What does the university offer the entrants?

Employees of KSU tell the applicants about the availabilitymass merit of the university. Firstly, the educational institution has excellent equipment for the educational process. Innovative technologies are used, thanks to which qualified specialists are trained in the university, which meet the requirements of the time.

Secondly, there is a program in the universityemployment. Students undergo industrial and pre-diploma practice at the leading enterprises of Kaluga. Many students are able to prove themselves well and after finishing their studies get a job in a familiar place. Those students who can not find a job are assisted by the Center for Employment and Career Development of KSU.

Kaluga State University of Imtsilkovsky

Thirdly, non-resident students of KalugaThe State University provides comfortable and modern hostels. In total, the educational organization has 3 buildings. They have everything you need for living, studying and relaxing.

Organizational structure

From several structural subdivisions, leadingeducational activity, Kaluga State University. Faculties and institutes are what we are talking about. Each of them carries out the preparation of students on specific specialties related to certain fields of science, spheres of modern life:

  • philology;
  • foreign languages;
  • social relations;
  • natural science;
  • psychology;
  • pedagogy;
  • law and history;
  • physics, mathematics and technology.

Kaluga State University named after Tsiolkovsky

The Institute of Pre-Universitytraining. This structural unit offers incoming full-time courses. On them, people are prepared for the passing of the USE, passing the entrance examinations at the university. Their duration ranges from 2 weeks to 2 years. Each applicant can choose the most suitable courses, depending on the level of knowledge available.

How do I enter an educational institution?

At the entrants who chose KalugaState University, the rules of admission, approved by the Ministry of Education of our country. According to them, people who graduated from the school can enter the university only by the results of the USE. Individuals with a diploma of a secondary school or a university take an entrance exam in the KSU.

Kaluga State University faculty

There are also rules approved by Kalugastate university independently. They determine the start and end dates for the admission campaign, a list of the items required for applicants. To enter the university, you need to learn all the rules. Let us consider one of them, which refers to the minimum passing points.

Minimum number of points

For each subject in the universitythe minimum thresholds are set. This means that only those people who have earned an approved number of points for each of the disciplines can apply and participate in the competition. The table below shows the minimum acceptable results.

Kaluga State University named after Tsiolkovsky: minimum points
ExamResult (in points)ExamResult (in points)
In Russian44Mathematics28
On literature40Physics38
On social studies43In chemistry40
On the history37Biology40
In a foreign language28On the OBZh45
Professional assignment40By OPF40
Creative task40Interviewing40

Passing scores

A passing score is an indicator that is notis an important. It reflects the minimal result with which the entrant entered the budget last year. Using passing scores at the Kaluga State University, you can only roughly estimate your chances of admission. Take, for example, the year 2016 (bachelor's degree, full-time department):

  • the highest passing result was observed at "Linguistics" (profile - "Methodology and theory of teaching foreign languages ​​and cultures") - 248 points;
  • slightly less was recruited at the "Pedagogical(profile - "Foreign Language") - 244 points in the group of applicants who chose English and German, and 243 points on the profile associated with French and English.

It is possible to single out several specialties,which it was easy to enter the budget in 2016. The first of them is "Physics" (profile "Medical Physics"). The passing score was 135. The second specialty is "Land management and cadastres" (general profile). The minimum result on the budget was 141 points.

passing scores at the Kaluga State University

Kaluga State University - university, inwhich is quite possible to do. You just need to give time to prepare for the delivery of objects. Educational institution has many advantages, so do not pay attention to doubt. A lot of opportunities for professional, scientific and creative development are opened every year to people coming here.