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Gift for yourself on the anniversary of the wedding: how to choose

A wedding is a joyful occasion. This is the birthday of a young family. This is the first joint holiday, which must be celebrated annually. After all, every day is not only joy, but also work. Therefore, every anniversary is a significant achievement of the family, which requires special treatment.

gift for yourself on the anniversary of the wedding
You can make a gift to your spouse on your wedding anniversary, or you can buy a small souvenir in the store - it all depends on your desire and abilities.

The first years of a young family

So, you have been together for a year, or 365 days. This is not so little, because during this time you had time to quarrel and make up, together started to conduct housekeeping and relax together. This first anniversary is called a "cotton wedding". Previously, the bride was given a cotton dress, and her husband - a shirt. But any materials are suitable - you can give bed linens, a set of towels, curtains, pillows, tablecloth.

After a two-year joint life"Paper wedding". If you want to make a gift with your own hands on the anniversary of the wedding, then the usual postcard, origami, or photo album, designed independently. You can present a picture or a ticket to the concert. This anniversary is convenient because you can give it to the culprits of the celebration an envelope with money, which is also paper.

3 years of a happy life is a "leather" or«Wheat wedding». Gift for yourself on the anniversary of the wedding is difficult to do, so any leather products: shoes, purse, gloves, and perhaps leather furniture.

wedding anniversary 7 years gifts

4 years of joint happiness - this date has 3names: "linen", "amber" or "wax wedding". The best gift for the anniversary of the wedding is an icon made of amber. Any linen products (linen, tablecloth, clothes, napkins or curtains) will do. Any jewelry made of amber will also be appropriate.

5 years - the first round anniversary

This is a "wooden wedding". Here, the choice of gifts is almost limitless. For those who want to fulfill a gift for the wedding anniversary with their own hands, you can advise, for example, to make a wooden spoon or wooden jewelry. Such a gift will remain in the family for a long time, recalling the first anniversary of a joint life.

"Cast-iron" or "sugar wedding" comes after6 years of joint happy life. As a gift, usually choose cast-iron frying pans and pans, and if the couple has their own house - you can present iron gratings on the windows or grate for the fireplace.

the best gift for the wedding anniversary

The next wedding anniversary is 7 years. Gifts for the "copper" or "woolen" date can be chosen from copper products (samovar, horseshoe, any dishes, ornaments), or from woolen. A nice gift for yourself on the anniversary of the wedding - woolen socks or a sweater. They will give warmth and comfort to their owner.

The eighth anniversary of a happy life togetherwas called "tin wedding". Basically, generally accepted gifts are tea sets, sweets packed in a tin box. Suitable and dishes: tray, bucket, pan.

9 years is a "faience" or "chamomile" date. For such an event, pair figures made of faience, a bouquet of chamomiles are perfect. As a rule, this date becomes a turning point in the relationship, after which, the spouses become closer to each other.

10 years - "tin" anniversary

This date must necessarily be celebratedtogether with relatives and witnesses who were present on the day of the wedding. As a gift, any souvenir of pink color, tin utensils.

10 years from the day of the wedding sweep as one moment, and every second should be appreciated and remembered. The family is waiting for more than one anniversary, and many happy moments are yet to come.