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How to achieve a guy for a serious relationship

It happens that you see him, and the heart for a secondstops, and the mind begins to pile suitcases. From that moment only one thought lives and dominates in the female head: "How to get a guy?" Hoping that he will pay his first attention to the person he is interested in is stupid, because he could have done it before, and if such happiness did not happen , then you need to take the initiative into your own hands. Even some 30 years ago, the first to go to the guy I liked was not decent. Today, girls take an active position and do not intend to release their potential happiness so easily and simply because dubious norms of morality do not allow it to take the first step. So, how to achieve a guy who really liked?

In order to choose tactics how to achievelocation of the guy, you need to decide on what goals he will then need. Creating strong, serious relationships with the man you like, and an easy non-committal flirtation, continued in a horizontal position, are two completely different goals requiring a radically different approach. So for the first variant it is necessary to try hard and show all your imagination.

Young people are ready to be near the girl,which is natural in all. The fact is that this naturalness of men and women is understood in completely different ways. So for guys it is mandatory that their girl should look perfect regardless of the situation, and her in any form could be proudly presented to her friends. In this case, busting with makeup and men's clothes is annoying. The main thing for them is the girl's grooming. In other words, her natural attractiveness is brought to such a state that she wakes up beautiful already. This is aerobatics, which is not available to every girl. To become attractive to him is just the first step in the way of his conquest, as only the girl who is visually pleasing to him will be able to achieve the boyfriend.

The next stage of the capture of the fortress"The man of a dream" becomes a finding of the general interests and whenever possible the general friends in which companies could meet. He can be a fan of football and spend hours discussing his favorite team. In this case, girls need to know at least some basic things from this topic, with which it could easily appeal. The main error of all the girls at this stage: a deep study of the topic of interest to the man and the subsequent presentation of all the facts. Such a woman's behavior puts a man at a dead end, and he begins to feel stupid, because a woman in his area understands better than himself. No guy will tolerate female superiority over himself. So, how to achieve the guy?

Any man is willing to listen to compliments in hisaddress for hours, even if it is flattery, even if it is not as thin and beautiful as we would like. Do not think that the guys will take all the praise in their address as the woman wants. Here it is necessary to show imagination and making the next compliment to your object of conquest, you need to focus on its really existing merits. For example, talking too thin man that his muscles are playing in the sun, will be stupid and cruel. But to praise a young man for what he helped in some matter, since the other could not have been appropriate and effective. A beautiful woman, with whom she has something to talk about and who will always appreciate his worth, is unlikely to be ignored by the guy of interest to her.

But it also happens that, as if a girl, notried, and the expected result can not be achieved. The question arises: "Is it worth it to get a guy who does not react to you at all?" The answer is most likely to be: No. Such situations are quite normal. It's just that he has no attraction to the girl, and this feeling is almost impossible to create and maintain for a long time artificially. Then you just need to put up with the idea that this is a hero of someone else's novel and go with an open heart and a broad smile in search of a new prince.