/ What to give to the young couple for the anniversary of the wedding?

What to give on the anniversary of the wedding 1 year for young couples?

And a year has passed since the happy moment, asyou became one, you became a family. The first anniversary of the wedding is called a calico wedding. This name is very symbolic, since after the first year of joint life, relations in the family between the spouses are still very thin and fragile and can be torn apart by careless action or word.

Close friends and parents begin to think in advance what to give to the wedding anniversary for 1 year for young spouses.

what to give to the anniversary of the wedding 1 year
By tradition on this important date it is acceptedpripodnosit any linen or things from chintz. It can be bed linens, twin cotton prints, napkins, curtains for windows, pillows. If you want to stand out, but do not know specifically what to give for the anniversary of 1 year, then include imagination and approach such seemingly simple gifts creatively. Look for pillows of unusual shape, for example in the form of two hearts, two cuddling cubs, or with a gentle inscription "Husband and wife", "Council and love", etc. A good idea for the amateur to embroider: on simple calico products you can embroider beautiful inscriptions or drawings yourself. A gift made by hand with its own hands will be much more expensive for young people and will exist in a single copy only with them.

 what to give for the anniversary of the wedding 1 year
The mother-in-law also often asks about the fact thatto give on the anniversary of the wedding 1 year to his beloved son and daughter-in-law. It has long been a tradition that a mother-in-law should present a beautiful cotton dress as a gift to her daughter-in-law. If you are a needlewoman, it will be very unusual if you make this dress yourself. Just look in the magazine and choose a dress model more modern, so that the daughter-in-law could put it on and off the house. In extreme cases, the dress can be purchased at the store. And what to give to the anniversary of the wedding 1 year from the parents of the bride? Remember that your children are a family, and they are obliged to help each other in the work around the house, including in the kitchen. Give them two identical kitchen aprons with interesting inscriptions: "Prince - Princess", "Beloved - Beloved", "Man - Wife". They can also be sewn on their own or buy unusual gifts at the store.

 gifts for the anniversary of the wedding 1 year
Gifts for the anniversary of the wedding 1 year may not beonly from chintz. An original gift will be a picture depicting the young couple. Choose a beautiful photo of the newlyweds - it can be any joint photo - and bring it to a professional artist. Just take care of finding the artist and choosing a photo in advance, because the work of the artist will take some time (from several days to a month).

Of course, the spouses themselves with the approach of thethe first cherished date the question arises: "What to give to each other's wedding anniversary?" A young wife can give a shirt, a handkerchief with a love lettering or choose a favorite color bed linen of her husband with a beautiful pair drawing: two loving angels, a lion and a lioness, or maybe two tigers with cubs as a slight hint of the continuation of the genus. A man can give his beloved home gown or a towel with a romantic inscription. Sweetshoppers will really like a box of favorite sweets wrapped in a cotton gauze, for example a handkerchief. Romantic dinner, covered on a new tablecloth, will be a worthy end to this wonderful joint holiday.

Thus, the question of what to give a wedding anniversary for 1 year, will not bother you anymore.