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To be desired, or How to get a guy to run after you

What is the representative of the weaker sex, notDo you like it when the guys are running after it? But often it happens that a lot of guys are paying attention, but the one that interests - passes by, absolutely not noticing us. What to do in this case? Below we give some tips, thanks to which, you will have all the chances to not only attract the attention of an indifferent guy to you, but also make him run after you.

Action plan

how to make a guy run after you

Our advice on how to get a guy to run after you, suitable for any age category.

So, the council number 1:

Become more visible. In order for the desired object to notice you, you should not be a gray, mediocre lady, become brighter and more effective. Diversify your wardrobe. It should include miniskirts, blouses with a large neckline, high-heeled shoes and so on. But keep in mind that all these elements should not be used together. Of course, you will be paid attention, but it will not give the result that we want to achieve. In this way, you will make the impression of a vulgar person who has no taste. All this can lead to the fact that the object will never look at you more. So it's worth to be careful and attentive to choosing your outfits.

how to make a guy run

Tip # 2

Such external factors as gait, voice, lookattract men like a magnet. So, if you want to learn about how to get a guy to run after you, then it's worth working with them. Choose a good posture when the object is nearby. But it, of course, should be natural, otherwise it can look no more than comical. Work on your gait, always follow your posture.

Tip # 3

All of the above will lose its effect,if at the same time you will behave yourself. Let in your actions there is grace, sexuality, but this does not mean that a man is allowed everything. Do not allow unnecessary touches, hugs, open hints and gross vulgarity. Be unavailable, and then you will win the attention of the man. But, of course, do not go too far. This is something like a game, it should be interesting, but it still will think that in your case it does not shine, and it will go away. So let him run after you, and you, in turn, give him such a chance.

Tip # 4

Jealousy is one of the ways to makerun the guy. Men are such a people that if you cause an interest in his friends and they will spend with you for a while, then the object, even though he is not yet in love with you, will become jealous. After all, you flirt, communicate, but not with him. And any man wants a woman's attention. And he will make every effort to have you look at him.

Tip # 5

How to make a guy run after you, if he hasThere are no your contacts? In order to be more convenient to find you, you need to leave your phone number or at least a nickname in social networks. But you need to do this carefully, too, so that he does not decide that you are imposing. You can ask a man, for example, to help you do something and leave your number.

Be smart

let him run after you
Following our recommendations, you learned how tomake a guy run after you. But do not be assertive, do not impose yourself - it will look, at least, silly. Your task is to make sure that the man does not notice that he started to hunt for you on your own initiative. Good luck, you, girls!