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How to excite a guy: practical advice

There are no secrets!

From the theoretical point of view, how to exciteevery girl and woman knows. Each of them has its own secret of charm, which, in their opinion, is the most correct and effective. But this often seems to practice. As soon as it comes to intimacy, a difficult question arises as to how to excite a guy. Therefore, in order not to face such a problem, it is worth knowing some secrets and subtleties of seduction.

A bit about myths
how to excite a guy

In occasion of female charm and man's perceptionand the excitement there are many myths that every girl should know in order to avoid typical mistakes. First of all, it should be remembered that in fact, men like preludes. And those who think that they are not good for a man can get into trouble! Another important aspect is the choice of pos. For some reason it is believed that men like to experiment. In part this is true, but their fantasies do not usually go beyond their heads, so if you are not sure of any posture, it's better to be in the old-fashioned way.

How to excite a guy? Effective ways
than to excite a woman

They say that it's easier to make a man than to arousewoman. And indeed it is. In order to excite a guy, you just need to include fantasy and know a couple of effective methods. The most important thing in this business is emancipation. At the first stages of intimacy, men madly like women's initiative. At this time, they seem to be convinced that a woman really wants sex with him. To excite a guy, you can play in contrast. Be very hot, show passion, otherwise become cold and unapproachable - awaken in your man the instinct of a predator. Even if your relationship is long and sex is not the first time, this contrast will add to them a certain zest, and the sexual act will make an unforgettable. Do not forget about gentle words. Pronounce them in a low voice, whisper in your ear. Kiss the earlobe. What to say at this moment, any woman knows herself. Pay attention to the timbre of the voice.

Intrigue and only intrigue!

It is important to remain a mystery to your man,even when you are already completely in his hands. Touch lightly to his body, slide your finger across his erogenous zones. This will give him real pleasure. But if you want to finally bring a man, do not give it at once. The half-dressed girl drives the guy a lot more than completely naked.

By the way, about clothes
how to excite a guy in bed

In this issue, too, there are a number of nuances. First, drop the complexes. In any figure, you can emphasize the pros. Put on tight clothes. If you have flaws in the area of ​​the hips or abdomen, put on a translucent vortex. Only that thing is truly like a man, which he wants to remove as soon as possible. Particularly visible effect on men has a monophonic lace underwear. But the button unbuttoned just drives a man mad, intrigues him. He wants to see more and, of course, is excited! Experiment! Only then the question of how to excite a guy does not even stand in your way.

What else to surprise a man?

What else can affect your loved one? How to excite a guy in bed? What exactly is he going to like? There are many very different answers to these and other questions. Guys like flexible girls, work on plastic, but here you should not go too far. In general, listen to your body - it will not deceive you!