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Love and Love

A rare person prefers his whole lifeto live alone. We are so organized that we simply can not imagine our life without friends, relatives and loved ones. That's why the theme of love is so much interested in almost every person on our planet. It is very difficult to understand it. Love and love are not just a single feeling, it is, above all, a clot of enormous energy, sometimes even "diseases", which are based on certain feelings of one person to another. Let's try to understand the theme of love and love better.

Love and love. Distinction

First, it is worth saying in advance thatlove and true love are very different from each other. Opinions on this score are numerous. Some experts say that love is the second level of love, while others differentiate these concepts with a large number of other factors. In any case, in almost a hundred percent of cases, people first experience love in relation to their partner. It is a special feeling that causes a storm of emotions in a person, it is sometimes very difficult to cope with which. Scientists have proved that a man in love experiences an irresistible urge to communicate with the object of his love. In his body, during the period of falling in love, a huge amount of special substances begins to be produced. They are called amphetamines. They are able to evoke in a person the same feelings that he can experience during the adoption of alcohol or drugs. It is satisfaction, happiness and ... great dependence. Every day the amount of dope-making elements in the body of a lover grows, it no longer represents its existence without the second half. In addition, his attention and vision is clouded. That is why it is customary to say that lovers wear "rose-colored glasses", not noticing the bad qualities of each other. But at some point there comes a time when the human body simply can not produce enough amphetamines anymore. Love passes. Man no longer feels a great passion for the object of his recent feelings, his eyes seem to open. Most often this moment comes in three to six months after the appearance of special feelings and cravings for another person. In the future, either parting or love awaits them.

Love and love. Second phase

If one beautiful morning, recently enamoredpeople understand that they have nothing to do with anything else, and start asking themselves what they found in their partner, the relationship is interrupted. People break up. There can be no question of any kind of love here. However, there is another version of the development of events. At some point people begin to quarrel, weigh all the pros and cons of their relationship, compare the lover with former partners and current fans, and understand that their loved one is better. Love passes into love. It, in turn, combines a small part of love, great respect, affection and much more. People who love each other do not just need their partner, they have a special connection with him on the energy level. Hence, a bad feeling, calls at the same time and much more. Love is divided into several periods. The first stage of your favorite people are three years. With a period of three to four years of living together and relationships, a crisis occurs. Those who experience it and remain all the same together, perhaps, will spend with each other more than a dozen years.

What is love and love can be learned,if you read the special literature. Many scientists are studying to this day these feelings. In many books devoted to the theme "psychology of love and love", a precise definition of both feelings is given. However, how many books, articles on the Internet you have not read, it is difficult to understand the meaning of these words. It is best to feel these feelings on your own example, and to understand what love and love are all the same.