/ What to present for a silver wedding? Be original!

What to give for a silver wedding? Be original!

As a rule, newlyweds after marriage are givento each other promises that they will celebrate every anniversary of that magical day when they became a husband and wife. But over time, the excitement fades, every next day of the wedding is a bit dimmer than the previous one. Ten years later, there is no desire to invite anyone to visit, the wife is no longer asked in the past by the burning question "what to cook for the wedding anniversary." But it's not right! Wake up! Each new year, lived together - a real holiday, because if 25 years of living together behind, then there is something to celebrate and remember for a glass in the company of friends. 25 years is a serious time for modern couples, and it's not just an anniversary, it's a silver wedding.

Excellent, we celebrate! So what do you want to cook? It will be very symbolic to cook exactly what was on your and your guests' table on the day of the wedding, when you have already gone to celebrate in the restaurant. Was there a traditional "Olivier"? What a holiday without him! Sandwiches with red fish - please, guests will be satisfied. Remember that it was 25 years ago and - a flag in your hands. Connect fantasy, it is possible to perfect some dish, adding an interesting ingredient.

What to present for a silver wedding of yourhalf? On a silver wedding - silver products! It is possible to present to the spouse or the wife some ornament made of silver. It can be a ringlet, earrings for a woman, cufflinks, a tie clip for a man. But let's move away from stereotypical thinking and try to "hit the brains". Fortunately, our reality allows us to implement any ideas that will only arise in our heads. So, for example, you can donate not silver jewelry, but a photo frame, for example, or a figure of two kissing pigeons. Of course, the products must be made of silver. Here everything depends on your imagination and the number of notes in your wallet, respectively. Be original! The 25th anniversary of the wedding is only once in a lifetime.

What to give for a silver wedding, when yougoing to visit the "newlyweds"? This, of course, should be a double gift, that is, intended simultaneously for the husband and wife. In order not to give him a tie separately, but to her - a cotton dressing gown, let's turn on the fantasy again. Today there are a huge variety of original gifts. For example, you can make a huge joint portrait. From you - the search for a good workshop and high-quality photo.

Today, the couple who celebrate the silverwedding, the fastest is at the age of 45, so they can give a good photo album, because people of that generation do not have the habit of making a million photos and store them on a removable hard drive. These people still carefully select photographs, print them and carefully fill out their photo albums for themselves and show their grandchildren. Therefore, a thick album is a great option, if you do not know what to give for a silver wedding.

Beauty salons today offer the widestthe choice of subscriptions for two, for couples in love. And our silver newlyweds - quite a loving couple! Therefore, you can buy a coupon for a pleasant pastime during a double chocolate massage session or a horse ride. There is a whole sea of ​​options. It's good that nowadays one does not have to think much about the gift for the wedding to friends.

Remember that any gifts depend entirely onyour imagination and attitude to the people you are going to make a nice present. Therefore, asking the question "what to present for a silver wedding", just turn on the imagination, gather in your head all knowledge about these people, remember their preferences and interests, and ... go ahead!