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Wedding in the style of eco: the design and implementation of ideas

Recently, people have been trying to break freenature from dusty streets and long traffic jams, want to touch the natural and pristine. Trees, flowers, stones, birds return thoughts to ancestors, purify the soul, fill the heart with beauty and tranquility.

Wedding in the style of eco is not only moderndirection in the celebration of the wedding day, but also the recognition that nature is an integral part of every person's life. Any natural element carries a certain positive charge, which will certainly affect the lives of young people.

Preliminary attributes of the "green" wedding

wedding in the style of eco

Preparation for the most significant event of a couple in love takes a lot of time and delays, especially if it is decided to conduct a wedding in a certain style.

Eco-triumph is fraught with many attributes that need to be thought out in advance.

The first thing that needs to be done is an invitation to a wedding in an eco-style. How can they be?

Invitation cards should containreference to the theme of the holiday. Use natural shades and natural elements: linen or jute thread, birch bark, wooden tags, papyrus paper, dried flowers, bumps, coarse cloth, lace.

The predominant colors should be green, brown, beige.

In addition, before the wedding, the bride and groomspend a bachelorette party and a bachelor party, which can also be connected with the nature themes: kebabs in the forest, photo session on the river, rafting, hiking in the mountains - this will set all the guests for the next event and support the overall atmosphere of the holiday.

Ecological image of young people

holding a wedding

In fact, for eco-weddings in clothes are acceptabledifferent textures and styles. A wedding in nature implies convenience, ease and non-overload with details - stick to this concept, and then the festive costume will definitely fall into the theme.

For a bride a good solution will be dressesfree cut or A-silhouette. Laces and guipure are welcome. In decorative details also it is necessary to address to the natural atmosphere: flowers in hair, a belt from thick flax harness, earrings in the form of green leaves.

A groom can not try on a standardblack suit, and softer and warmer brown shades, milky or beige (if the wedding in the summer, it is especially true), gray or dark green. Boutonniere must necessarily be associated with the bouquet of the bride and also carry an eco-theme.

Bridal flowers can be a highlight inimage and hint at a "green" wedding, even if the dress and decorations of the bride are in no way connected with the natural theme. For such a bouquet, ordinary flowers and greens are taken: field chamomiles, fern, moss, mint, pansies, succulents, peonies (for bright filling), yarrow, dandelions and other available plants.

Where to hold a wedding in an ecological style?

styles of weddings in nature

The location of the celebration is one of the most importantelements within the framework of the holiday of natural themes. It is best to organize the event directly on the street. Choose a picturesque glade, the bank of the river or the sea. Please note that the celebration should not take place on a busy glade in the city park, but in a more secluded place, where you can not be disturbed by strangers.

If the wedding is winter, then on the street you can arrangeonly a photo shoot, but to place guests better in a country wooden cottage. Entourage will fully match the eco-wedding, and additional decor will enhance the overall atmosphere.

In the event that there is no possibility to leave forcity, then an ordinary cafe can be a great place for a wedding with a natural theme. The main thing - to think over all the decorative details that will create a sense of naturalness.

Color solutions in wedding design in eco-style

wedding invitations in eco style

Nature often appears before us in soft,warm, uncritical colors, the decor should adhere to this principle. Beautifully combined with each other shades of green and brown, beige and tender blue, white and chocolate or dark green colors.

These options are acceptable to use in young clothes, in the design of a table or space.

Decorating the decor of the celebration

wedding decoration in eco style

The wedding in the eco-style is different in decor, whichDo not hit the wallet. Natural materials can be found even at their dacha site, the fabrics used are already in use - it is possible to unpack grandmother's chest. In it you can find not only the old lace and yarn, but also various embroidered towels, shirts, towels, sarafans - this all perfectly fits in the "green" wedding.

Wooden tables and chairs, tablecloths and napkins fromsacks, a lot of candles, placed in glass jars or on wooden thin hemp, live flowers in pots as a central decoration, photos hung on clothespins, perfectly fit into the general theme of the holiday and create the right atmosphere.

Ideas for a photo shoot and a wedding walk in an eco-style

Wedding in eco-style

Natural subjects oblige to shoot in nature, using the maximum of landscapes and various natural monuments and phenomena.

So it's worth a stroll in the wheat fieldor a green meadow, look into the forest, where you can find not only beautiful trees and grass, but also animals. An interesting decision will be to make a swing, on which the groom will rock the bride.

If there is a haystack nearby, then do not forget to catch it in the lens and during the wedding - a real natural entourage will be enclosed in these frames.

Unusual shooting and walking can be arranged on the bank of a river or lake. Take a ride on a boat, catamaran or just take pictures, spectacular water and greens.

Do not forget that eco-wedding involvesthe maximum approach to nature in everything, including in means of transportation. Arrange a walk on a bicycle, let the groom skate the bride or even vice versa. If possible, then ride a horse - it's not only beautiful photos, but unforgettable impressions.

Wedding in eco-style is an excellent solution forthose who live in harmony with nature and see the beautiful in ordinary at first glance little things: flowers, sand, trees, greens. Such an event will be remembered for a long time, and the memory will be enclosed in pictures reflecting youth and life.