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What to ask the girl by correspondence? Study her profile!

Dating on the Internet, as a rule, begin withcorrespondence. And often end it, because the young man can not get the attention of a worthy girl. Although if you approach the problem in good faith, you can quickly bring the matter to a personal meeting. Questions help to stimulate dialogue. What to ask the girl by correspondence so that she becomes interested in your persona?


what to ask the girl by correspondence

Do not ask questions that are answered in herquestionnaire, because in this case you will look inattentive and superficial egoist. You can treat these guys differently. Some girls are sighing that men are only interested in appearance, but are humiliated, while others simply switch to other candidates. And this second category is more attractive and smart people, so read the questionnaires and do not get into a stupid situation.

Sloth tightens

what you need to ask the girl

What to ask the girl by correspondence, ifthe information in her questionnaire is not enough? This is not an easy situation, because the beauty you have got (or ugly enough) is rather lazy. She does not want to write about herself and, perhaps, is not very interested in acquaintance at all. If you are not against constantly showing activity and "hindering" her, then ask her to tell about the most interesting event in her life. If lazy, better leave it alone, this is not your option. Perhaps, such a girl already has a chosen one, but she is looking for someone "more interesting" to entertain.

Many letters

The situation when there is too much text in the profile,also a sign of problems. This means that the girl is almost desperate to arrange her personal life and together with her you will get a set of difficulties. In addition, she in real life, it seems, has nothing to do, so she creates a virtual image, not always truthful. What to ask the girl by correspondence, if she clearly overdid it with the amount of text? Such people can easily ask trivial questions: "What do you do in your free time?", "What is your profession?", "What are your plans for the weekend?" Just be prepared for unnecessarily detailed answers, which sometimes have to be divided into two in the sense of sincerity.

Difficult, but interesting

what to ask the girl for examples

Or maybe you've got a girl related togolden mean, that is, the answers to the questions of the questionnaire make 2-3 small proposals and are distinguished by wit and non-standard. What you need to ask a girl of this type to interest her? This case is the most complicated. You need to ask the same standard questions, but not boring, but with a "twist". What to ask the girl? Examples: "What part of your work do you like and why?" (This question will be of interest to almost any girl, because at least something attractive is in every profession and a little question word "why" in the end you encourage your chosen one to respond in detail). Also, such girls like deep and philosophical questions. For example: "What three qualities of personality do you consider the most important in yourself and other people?" Or "What would you like to change in the world around you?"

Smart young women are worth your effort if you are looking forgirlfriend more than one night. What to ask the girl by correspondence? Ask about what is important and interesting for you, be yourself, because you need to attract suitable, not just any.