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We make labels for wedding champagne

Wedding - a triumph expensive, but something youyou can always do it yourself. It's not about dress or wedding cake, today we'll talk about nuances. Let's produce labels for wedding champagne. It's fast, easy, but it will make your wedding unique and unusual.

A few techniques

labels for wedding champagne

First, let's define what design techniqueThe wedding bottle is closer to you. If you need a quality label for wedding champagne, photoshop will help you. Using a computer, you can quickly create a real masterpiece, especially since there are a lot of templates of this kind. If you do not get along with the computer, then you can make labels for wedding champagne with your own hands. It will be more expensive, but the result will be more elegant. Let's start with the first technique.

Using Photoshop

To create a label, you can useSeveral variants. Take your photo together, add an inscription to it with your names and the date of the wedding. Everything, left to print on thin photo paper and paste on bottles. If this option seems very simple to you, try the following: take and scan the finished label from any champagne. Instead of the main word, for example "Russian", write your new family name, for example, "Romanovskoye". In the bottom corner, sign the date of the wedding. Guests will be surprised that wedding champagne was issued in your honor. The label, the template of which we have just described, can be used for stronger liquors. In this case, there may appear "Ivanovka", "Smirnovka", "Andreevka". Finally, another option. For a label for wedding champagne, you can take any romantic picture, cut the heart in the center and insert your photo, add a signature. Done!

wedding champagne label template

Today this direction is more valuable than ever.So, in order to make a label, you need a watercolor paper, not very dense, but with a texture. Cut it at once to the number of labels that you need. Place them on sheets of regular newsprint and get to work. To begin with, chaotically splash all the labels with paint drops. To do this, dip the brush into the paint and shake it off sharply onto the paper. The colors should be bright, suitable for each other in color. Now you need to stamp the inscription, for example, "Wedding" or "Wedding Champagne". Such are sold in art salons. Add flowers from paper, pearls, small buttons, hearts and ribbons. All this together will look cute and elegant.

A few tips

label for wedding champagne photoshop

Labels for wedding champagne are worth doing inthe key of the wedding itself, so that they do not get out of the general theme. Two bottles of champagne on the table of the bride and groom should look differently - even more elegantly. On average, you will have 25-45 labels. If your budget allows, you can print them in the printing house. You need to do this in advance, and the layout should be better provided to them ready. In this case, the labels will look very natural and natural. And champagne will be the best souvenir for your guests and simply decoration of the table.