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How to bring a man to orgasm: ways and practical advice

The art of making love came to us withantiquities. Many have not yet uncovered all the subtleties of this great talent. But probably, every woman at least once asked such a question, how to bring a man to orgasm? Well, let's talk about the frank.

Orgasm in women and men. What it is?

First, let's look at the very concept of the termorgasm. If you open the encyclopedia, then the description will be this: this is the culminating sexual excitement, conditioned by a strong sense of pleasure, expressed, as a rule, due to the stimulation of erogenous zones (genital organs and others). There is an orgasm with vaginal intercourse, oral or anal sex, masturbation, stimulation of erogenous zones with hands, tongue and other.


how to bring a man to orgasm with a massage

Having understood the term, we will begin to explainabout the types of orgasm in boys. And what kind of orgasm men have? Affective state of excitation is observed, reaching orgiastic sensations in a state of emotional tension, formed under the influence of pleasant and not entirely pleasant sensations - anger, disgust, fear and other. Outwardly, such an orgasm is manifested like temperament and sexual education.

Male orgasm precedes the stage of pre-orgasm,because of the special strong tension in the male penis, the state of tickling in the urethra area (similar to the state of urination). This manifests itself some time before ejaculation. If at this time you stop stimulating the penis, then the excitability is not immediately, but it will subside. Then the ejaculation will not come.

A certain number of men have the abilityincrease the time of sexual intercourse when they notice that the woman is not satisfied enough. That is, they are in thoughts distracted from sexual actions and sensations, but, despite all attempts, with each subsequent interruption of a man, it is more and more difficult to keep ejaculation in oneself.

Peak delight and the first stage of male orgasm

how can I bring a man to orgasm

Try to bring each other up toorgasm. So it will give you peak enjoyment. It is desirable that the partner reaches a peak state later than the partner. Male orgasm occurs in two stages: called emission and ejaculation. These two kinds follow one after another, that sometimes it is difficult to feel the line.

Then, when the emission of the urethraopens and lengthens, beginning to shrink, is accompanied by a sense of satisfaction. And at the same time, when the partner reached the maximum sexual state, the peak of orgasm occurs. Here then all spinal reflex components are included. The longer you take time to achieve peak pleasure, the more sperm accumulate in the urethra.

What is the second stage of male orgasm?

ways to bring a man to orgasm

The second stage is ejaculation. Nerves of reflexes, moving the muscles of the penis, begin to contract in time with the urethra with a period of 0.8 seconds simultaneously with the female organs. The body of the penis pushes the sperm from the urinary canal, under the influence of 3-10 tremors. The possibility of such tremors is directly proportional to the age of the man and health, the period of time after the last ejaculation, and other effects.

During orgasm, the male body and mind are turned off. There are no such emotions that can lead to a more vivid excitement in this case and lead to complete relaxation to achieve this goal. What can be said about the degree of pleasure, then it is ambiguous, everyone gets his dose of orgasm. One can say that the most sensitive and significant peak of orgasm is characterized only for the primary. After all, it's when the highest quality sperm comes out and the feeling of euphoria lasts longer.

Bring an orgasm to a massage

what an orgasm in men

After understanding with science, let's talk about howto bring a man to orgasm. There are many ways to achieve what you want. Those that are under the power of each, we will consider in this article. To start, to create a more relaxing environment, prepare the room, light the candles, install the aroma lamp, add the enchanting oil rich in pheromones. Then proceed to the process itself.

Many like long preludes with caresses ormassage ... Why is this most effective? All the cells of the partner's body under the influence of such an atmosphere and a gentle massage with oil relax. Sensitivity of erogenous zones increases, and I want to continue. If you see that your partner is already ready for this, then do not rush, tease. You can stay a cat, or you can dance a striptease. Or you can slowly undress yourself and him. It is important to keep eye contact.

how to bring a man to orgasm with caresses

If you like to experiment, then you canin advance order different things from sex shops. This will bring even greater pleasure to both partners. Be careful, constantly stimulate the erogenous zones, so that your partner does not fall asleep in dreams.

As soon as the penis is saturated with tendersensations and will begin to harden, excite him with the movements of his hands. At the same time, iron, kiss your lips, where you and your partner will wish. How rough or gentle it will be depends on your tastes. In general, there are more than thousands of erogenous zones on each body, but some of them are not as developed as others. Eat, lick, kiss. How to bring a man to orgasm massage we have already considered. As you can see, everything is simple. The main thing in this business is to feel the partner.

How to bring a man to orgasm with caresses? The above can be supplemented by the fact that you can be playful, or you can be a fluffy cat. Style depends on you. Use your hair, feathers, hands. And the state of this will not make you wait long. And yet, women do not always want close relations, but do not want to upset your man with a refusal.

how to bring a man to orgasm without sex

Laski hands and mouth

There are tips and techniques for how to bring a manto orgasm without sex. The most famous for everyone is the use of hands and mouth. It sounds for everyone in different ways. Some prefer only such an orgasm, but for someone it just is not acceptable. But this is just a method. There are a lot of poses that the Indian "Kamasutra" offers us. Knowing them, you will be able to experiment.

If a man is tired after a long day, besidesmassage, do not forget to prepare a delicious dinner in advance. This will be a good start for intimacy. If you have long been in a relationship, then there are no restrictions for you. But if you are only in the beginning, then try to divert your thoughts, do not think about anything, do not be shy. If you can not tune in to the wave, even if you apply all the techniques, then try a movie for adults. No one here will remain indifferent.

Ability comes with experience, and to whom, no matter how you are,know your man. Probably, everyone once heard about so-called superficial and deeper touches. Such movements bring great pleasure.

how to cause an orgasm in a man

Change yourself

Now you know how you can bring a man toorgasm. Remember that there are no two identical acts, as well as the same people. Everyone is so unique that every time, as in the first. Of course, do not forget that the appearance is of great importance in making love. You can make an interesting haircut in the pubic part, or at all virginly to shave it off. Erotic appearance in some negligee, too, will look enchanting, thus the partner will be pleasantly surprised. Play, come up with different roles. But do not forget that in sex, the most important thing is brains. You do not have to do everything forcibly. Otherwise, neither to you, nor to the partner it will not bring any pleasure. After all, to bring a man to orgasm, you need to correctly and skillfully apply your female skills and charms. Do not forget to use your perfume, captivating looks, erotic music.

Some winds just biting the ear, the other -caresses the body, and the third to the last holds, like a partisan. Exquisite tricks in bed will depend on your ethics and the desire for experimentation. But do not forget that everything is built on sincere feelings! The best orgasm is possible only from love!


Now you know how to bring a man to orgasm, the ways we have considered different. We hope that this article was useful to you!