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How to zakadrit guy: effective ways

Many girls have a lot of timespend to come up with how to like this or that young man. Everyone wants love, I want reliable relations, I want to have a close person who will always be ready to support, come to the aid and be close in any situation. And that's why many start to devise different strategies for how to lock up a guy. But in fact, there is nothing complicated in this: you do not need to become a different person, change your character and adapt to someone. All you need is to change your approach slightly.

In this article you will find ten items,which will allow you to approach the cherished goal. You need to understand that the guide on how to lock up a guy will not give you a one hundred percent guarantee that your feelings will reciprocate. However, it will greatly increase your chances that the man of your dreams will notice you among all the other women.

Seductive appearance

how to zakadrit guy

If you want to learn about how to force a guy,then you will have to work on yourself - over your appearance, on your behavior, on the approach to relationships in general. And the very first step is to make your appearance seductive. No, this does not mean that you need to wear a mini-skirt and a transparent blouse. It is not necessary to dress defiantly to attract the attention of men. You will need a slim figure that can be obtained in the gym or with constant physical activity, as well as beautiful skin, competent make-up, hair care, and the use of quality perfumes. All this in aggregate will create an image that will attract the attention of all around. And if you are lucky, your chosen one will also pay attention to you. In this case, you will benefit from the fact that other men will also be staring at you, then your guy you are trying to conquer, will feel as if he won you from everyone else around, and that's what men like. However, this is far from the only option how to lock up a guy.


how to fix a guy by correspondence

It does not matter if you want to know how to lock a guy upcorrespondence or in real life, your communication always plays a very important role. And the point here is not just what exactly you will say, but rather about how you will behave in the company of the guy of interest to you. Most importantly your weapon is your smile, your laughter, that is all that you can use to show the young man that his company you appreciate the most. Naturally, in this case you also need to interest the interlocutor, so try to win it not only by appearance, but also by what you can say. If you manage to impress on all fronts, then the man will definitely want to spend more time with you, as he will feel comfortable with you.

How to post a guy by correspondence, when you do not havethe opportunity to smile at him? There will already have to be more emphasis on what you can say, and not how you will report it. Leave the second part to a later date, when you will already move to a new level of communication and arrange a meeting.


how to zakadrit guy or man

There is an opinion that men lovedaring and unbridled women, but this is not always the case. If you want to learn how to lock a guy or a man, then you have to analyze the object of your interest, that is, to understand what kind of women he is interested in. However, even if in his taste daring and harsh women, this does not mean that you need to constantly be rude and show cynicism and arrogance. It will scare away almost any man. Special character traits can be demonstrated in different conditions at later stages of acquaintance. But if you, for example, want to figure out how to lock a guy in a week, then you better stick to the basics.

And the basics are such that every man will like it,if the woman is polite, sweet and courteous. This does not mean that you need to appear before your chosen one as a "vanilla" girl - there are actually so many, and there is nothing more for their flashy sweetness. You need to show your character, your principles, demonstrate that you are not just a nice girl, but also an interesting person. Just need to know the extent of everything.

His hobbies

how to zakadrit guy on the Internet

This point is relevant for those who want to learn,how to zakadrit guy on the Internet, and for those who are engaged in the conquest of the heart of a man in the real world. In the previous paragraph, it has already been mentioned that it is necessary to be nice to a man, but in this case, in no case should not overdo it. Because nice conversations are interesting only at first, then a man can get bored with it. If you want to have a serious relationship, then you need to penetrate deeper into his head. You need to know what he dreams about, what he likes, and so on. You can try to adapt to his interests, it sometimes helps to get closer to the young man.

But if you do not want to change your principles, then inThere is nothing to worry about. It will be enough just to share his interests and motivate him to talk about what is important to him. Because if you immediately say that any of his interests to you are generally far away, then this person will also distance himself from you. Instead, ask him to tell you about his interest in more detail: he will also enjoy what he says about his favorite topic, and you will be able to learn more and continue to talk with him in the future. If you want to figure out how to put a guy in a VC, then this item will be one of the most important for you, as many others, such as looks or touches, you can not realize at the first stages.


how to guy a guy in a week

What does it mean to "lock a guy"?It means to impress him, which will clearly tell him that your intentions are extremely serious and that you have all the resources to get him. And one of the most powerful tools of conquest is a look. When people are in love with each other, they almost always look at each other. So use your eyes to subdue your chosen one. Stasively take your eyes off to interest a young person, or delay him when you meet your eyes to impress him, give him an excuse to think about you. Not everything in the world is solved by words - you can talk for a long time and convincingly, but one look can change the entire alignment of forces. Therefore, if you want to learn how to lock a guy in school, at university or at work, never forget about the look. He can look at you every day, because he has to do it: you visit the same institution every day. But if you correctly use not only words, but also your eyes, you will cause much more direct attention on his part.


how to zakadrit guy in the VC

If you are interested in how to force a guy for 5minutes, there is not even a languid look. However, there is one more approach that can significantly speed up the process - this is a touch. Naturally, you should not immediately begin to touch the young man you are interested in, press him to yourself and in other ways manifest your desire for intimacy. It can rather deter a man or give him a misconception about your intentions.

Everything must be done gradually:first hold on to the side, but then start allowing light touches. Touch by chance his hand, but do it as gently as possible. Hug him at a meeting, and after a while you can hold your arms, again accidentally, but that he realized that you like it. Take his hand when you go down the stairs or cross the road. This will not be too intrusive, since such a gesture will become an ordinary manifestation of culturality and courtesy on the part of a man, but it will give you a minute of touch, and everyone is perfectly aware of the important role that tactile sensations play in creating and maintaining relationships. So, if you are tormented by the question of how to lock a guy who likes, you definitely need to think through a touch strategy in combination with all the points described above. However, these are not all the steps that you can take to win the heart of the man you like.

Demonstration of abilities

what does it mean to cheat a guy

If before you there is a question on how to zakadritguy at work, then one of the simplest methods is to demonstrate your abilities. Naturally, you should not try to show yourself as if you are better than him: it is guaranteed to scare him off. Show that you are good at something, but it is best if this sphere does not concern the activity of the man himself. He may look stern from the outside, but in fact the guy is always very hurt: his pride can be seriously hurt if you constantly show that you are better than him in anything. So just demonstrate your talents in various fields so that he can admire you without threatening his own self-conceit.

Naturally, you do not need to be an open bookbefore him: never show all your talents at once, always leave a little riddle, a little element of surprise, so that the object of your interest never ceases to marvel at how good you are.

Difficult to access

Another very important point about which youit's worth thinking about - this is how affordable you look in the eyes of the guy. Many girls commit a fatal mistake: they believe that if they immediately open a guy who they like, then he immediately takes them. However, this works very rarely. Do not forget that men are conquerors by nature, so if you get to him too easily, he will not see you as someone special. If he has to fight for you, to compete with you to other men, then his victory will be much more valuable for him. Accordingly, he will appreciate you more.

Of course, in this case it is also worth thinking aboutso as not to overdo it, because if you are too inaccessible, then the guy can surrender and lose interest in you. And to return his interest after you showed him that he does not care about you, it will be extremely difficult.

Competent combination

This paragraph is a kind of summing upresults of everything that was said above. The most important thing when you try to attract the attention of a guy of interest is a competent, thoughtful approach. You need to correctly present all your positive sides, skilfully hide the negative ones, but without trying to seem what you are not. Simply demonstrate that your weaknesses are compensated by strong ones and you can constantly grow.

Also, you should understand that the guys are attracted tolovely and charming girls who ringing laugh even at the most ridiculous jokes and constantly shoot their eyes. And you need to use it, but remember that it works only at first and you need to have something more than a charming smile and attractive appearance. Combine the carefree ease and strength of an intelligent personality. Then you can simultaneously attract a man and provide both of you with a future without exposing yourself to what you are not, and not forcing a man to be disappointed in the end.

Do not confess too early

Well, the last, the most important rule of eachgirls - do not show the man that you are in love with him. At first glance, this may seem a fairly simple way out - to say about your feelings and rely on fate. But in most cases it does not work, and you can scare off a potential dream man. It is in this and is the point of cadre a young man who you like. Your goal is to prepare it, demonstrate yourself, isolate yourself against the others, so that when it's time to choose, he could make the right choice. So do not show your feelings too soon. As it was said before, men like to fight, and the harder you get to him, the more likely that he will hold onto you. And if you immediately admit to him in love, then he will not have to fight for it.

Armed with the advice from this article andgo fight for your happy future with the man of your dreams. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You do not need to reinvent the wheel, become a different person, and so on. All you need is to be yourself, but at the same time to change some aspects of your behavior for a while, as well as to educate yourself competently to interest the person in all possible relationships.