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When two years lived together: what to give for a paper wedding?

Family life can be compared then with a calma majestic river, then with a thin stream, imperceptibly running through a forest glade, then with a rough mountain stream, swiftly rolling over the stones. Each year, lived together by the couple, not only adds an experience to their relationship, but is marked by a whole series of events - happy, happy or sad, sad. And this time of knowing each other's people, a complicated, sometimes painful process of turning the two "I" into one "we". And it is not for nothing that it's customary to celebrate the wedding day every year - as long as the husband and wife go hand in hand.

Why paper

what to give for a paper wedding
It seems, such a ridiculous name - "paperwedding"! How many years, you ask, you need to live in a marriage to celebrate it? Only two. Or two! Yes, it is possible to interpret the date in two ways. It seems a little time. But after him - the charm of the first love, when everything seems so surprisingly beautiful: both a close person, and courtship, and a possible joint future. And the first deep passion, the discovery of bodily pleasures. And the first grievances, tears, disappointments, too - in the habits of the one who is near, in the difference of views and perceptions, tastes - from the degree of salinity of the soup to ... Yes, you never know! So judge how serious the date and time, its marking. But back to the meaning of the name. Paper - the material is not very durable, it easily tears, burns, softens in the water. So the young family two years later has not yet settled, has not developed immunity against hostile external and internal trends. However, there is already some experience of finding a common language. And some approaches to each other are also prototypes. Therefore, there is a hope: how from paper it is possible to add all kinds of figures, how supple and flexible it is, so the husband and wife, if they want, will adjust one for the other and save their light paper boat of love amidst stormy everyday waves.

Give gifts, give!

paper wedding how old
It is a legitimate question of what to donate topaper wedding. Naturally, something connected with the main symbol. For example, a picture. And not simple, but with meaning. A photograph of a couple, unusual, full of warmth and tenderness, can be attributed to the photo studio, where it will be enlarged, digitized on a computer, and painted. To turn into a beautiful frame is already quite simple. And a wonderful surprise is ready! What else to present for a paper wedding? The answer suggests itself: books! What - the question of taste and essential needs of spouses. In an ideal - cookery, volumetric, with set of various detailed recipes. Or a whole selection of books on the subject. As options - albums for photographs, fiction. But something that husband and wife could use.

What to present for a paper wedding? Sets of napkins, towels, tablecloths. All are cotton! An elegant openwork napkin, no matter how they tried to make it a symbol of petty bourgeois minimalism, will always be the decoration of the room, the embodiment of coziness. As well as tablecloths, curtains and other things intended for interior design.

Surprise for two

paper wedding what to give to her husband
And, finally, what else to present for a paper wedding,so these are origami figures. Spouses can present them to each other. And it is not so important, if crafts are not very foldable - it is important that they are made by themselves, with a sincere desire to please, to show their love. And as a special, intimate, so to speak, a surprise can be letters of recognition. So if you have a paper wedding, what to give to your husband - not such a difficult question! A few lines written from the heart, and better with the verses of his own work, are touched even by the most severe spouse!

Happiness to you, "paper" newlyweds! And live up to the wedding diamond!