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To be continued, or How to prolong the sexual act

Premature ejaculation is not a problemonly medical, but also social nature, because quite often from a premature ejaculation the woman suffers ... It, in turn, reduces a self-rating at the man, and also quality of its sex life. As a consequence - the collapse of the family and early impotence. Any man who finds himself in a similar situation, just wants to learn how to prolong the sexual act.

how to prolong sexual intercourse
It becomes for him his own "honor"! Guys, if one of you has not bypassed this "disease" - rather read my article! Now I will teach you the appropriate technique of sex!

A few simple ways how to prolong the sexual act

Breathe in!

If you feel that the sperm "rolls", thentake a deep breath. Get more air in your chest and hold your breath for a while. You will feel, how your pulse will be slowed down. Since the prerequisite for ejaculation is the rapid pulse, then in your case nothing will happen, and you can calmly take two or three minutes to enjoy the continuation of the process ...

Pull it off!

Another reliable way to prolong sexact, it's pulling your own testicles! Since before the ejaculation, the male testicles are pulled up to the penis for a while, then it is possible to prolong the sex for a few minutes by applying counteraction - to pull them back!

ways to prolong sexual intercourse
It is advisable to do it yourself, buta partner may not be fully correct about your actions. She may think that you scratch yourself ... Therefore, warn her in advance. In principle, such ways to prolong sexual intercourse is a whole science that you can not master yourself. Therefore, agree with your lady that at the right time she will "assist you".

Clamp it!

Boy, if you do not like the two previous onesoption, that is, one is not quite a cozy way, how to prolong sexual acts. You, probably, guess, about what speech? Right! You need to clamp your own penis! Hurry at the most crucial moment to intercept it and squeeze it lightly. By the way, one boy is comfortable to squeeze a member of the "ring" from his fingers slightly lower than the head, while the other is easier to twist the penis a little, grasping it like a motorcycle handle, and pressing his thumb to the very top of the head.

means to prolong sexual intercourse
You need to squeeze the penis until your potential orgasm does not recede at all.

Rings and "gum"

In the end, you can use specialfacilities! To prolong the sexual certificate or act it is possible by means of the banal condom. In addition, in any sex shop you can buy special rubber rings that are worn on the penis. These things will quickly lift your cock, and also delay the process of ejaculation. However, they are not suitable for everyone. Many young people, wearing this product on their spear, experience discomfort and even painful sensations. In such cases it is not recommended to resort to their help! And again: if you put this ring on, then please do not forget to take it off as soon as possible! After all, if you keep this gum on the penis longer than usual, that is, the risk of blood stasis, and therefore, damage to the penis.