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How to start preparing for a wedding: a to-do list

Preparation for the wedding is an exciting process, butvery nice. The bride and groom will face a lot of hassle. So, where to start preparing for the wedding? This article will help you plan the preparation and wedding day in stages.

Start preparation

How to start preparing for a weddingyourself? Get a thick diary specifically for this event, select the folder where you will put magazine clippings, advertisements, leaflets and other papers that relate to the theme of preparing for the wedding. Also create a calendar where you will celebrate meetings with a photographer, stylist, dance director, toastmaster, organizer and other important people, rehearsals and fitting. If there is not much time before the celebration, and nothing is ready, it is probably worthwhile to hire a wedding organizer who will remove most of the hassle from the bride and groom. If there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to enlist the support of at least a couple of girlfriends, preferably married, who know by their own experience what the preparation for the wedding is.

preparation for the wedding where to begin in stages

Date of the celebration and application

How to start preparing for the wedding?First you need to decide on the desired date of the celebration. It is necessary to take into account the scale of the celebration and the desired time of the year, month, day, the opportunity to take a vacation or several days off at work at this time, the accessibility of the banquet hall, the time required for preparation. If you are planning a small wedding, which will be attended only by the closest ones, you need to have three months left. For how much to start preparing for a wedding with a large number of guests? To prepare a truly grand celebration, it takes 6-9 months. For half a year you can book a suitable restaurant and apply to the registry office for the required date. So where to start preparing for the wedding? The plan should have enough time to perform, so keep this in mind right away.

Having made a choice on the date of the event,you need to choose a registry company. In the district registry office it is usually easy to apply for a specific date, but if you wish to register a relationship in the Central Palace of Marriages, difficulties may arise. This is especially true for large cities. That's why you need a time reserve. After all, the application must be submitted in advance. When submitting an application, ask the employees what additional opportunities you can use. In some of the registry offices go to a romantic music picked up personally, somewhere you can order an orchestra and a buffet table right at the time of registration, or maybe you want to invite an employee of the registry office to conduct an exit ceremony.

wedding planning

The budget of the solemn event

What should I start preparing for the wedding?Of course, one of the first items is the budget. All costs to take into account at this stage will not work, so at least decide on the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on an important event. If the parents plan to help the newlyweds in the organization of the holiday, it is desirable to hold a family council on which to determine who and what contribution can contribute. It is not necessary that relatives help with money, perhaps the groom's sister is an excellent hairdresser and she can make the bride a wedding hairstyle, and her uncle will take care of the quality photo and video of the event.

  1. Of course, the budget is individual.The expenses depend on the wishes of the bride and groom about the solemn day (someone wants to celebrate at home in a narrow circle, and the other couple rents a whole ferry), financial opportunities, assistance from parents and other relatives. In order to be easier to navigate, the list of expenses that should be taken into account in preparation for the wedding is given first, and then we will consider the stages of the celebration planning. So, the budget:
  2. Registration of marriage costs 350 rubles, to invite an employee of the registry office for on-site registration will be more expensive.
  3. Wedding dress of the bride. The most budgetary option - 10-15 thousand rubles, the average cost - 20-45 thousand. You can think about renting or buying in the secondary market.
  4. The bride's shoes. Modest shoes can be purchased for one or three thousand rubles, the average price - 4-7 thousand, good shoes for the celebration will be from 8 to 15 thousand rubles.
  5. Other accessories for the bride:clutch will cost from 500 to 3000 rubles, the garter will cost 200-1000 rubles, the veil - 500-2500 rubles., Wedding decorations - up to 5 thousand rubles, stockings - 500-1500, lingerie for the bride - 1000-5000 rubles .
  6. You can make a bouquet of the bride yourself, but it is better to trust the florist. His services will cost 1000-5000 rubles.
  7. Wedding hairstyle will cost 3-5 thousand rubles, professional make-up - 1-3 thousand, manicure - about 500 rubles.
  8. Costume groom will cost a minimum of 4-7 thousand, the average price is 10-20 thousand rubles. Inexpensive, but high-quality costume from Italy or Germany can be purchased for 24-40 thousand.
  9. The shirt will cost from 500 rubles to 4 thousand and more, a tie - 500-3000, shoes - 1500-5000.
  10. Perhaps you need to trim the hairstyle or beard of the groom in the salon, make a manicure. The budget for this should be laid from 500 to 2500 rubles.
  11. Props for bridal bride price will cost in the amount of 500 to 2000 rubles.
  12. The photographer's services will cost from 1500 (for a small photo session on a wedding day) to 3000 (shooting up to seven hours, several dozens of processed photos).
  13. The videographer can make a small video for 5-10 thousand rubles, the average cost - 15-30 thousand.
  14. Wedding rings can do without, becausein some families there are those that are inherited. Inexpensive pair of silver engagement rings can be bought for 2-5 thousand rubles, but gold will cost 10-20 thousand.
  15. Cocktail at the registry office immediately after registration - 700-900 rubles per person minimum, and on average you need to pay 1500-2000 rubles.
  16. Car rent. The wedding cortege consists of a car for the newlyweds and guest cars. To save a little, you can think over logistics (do not overpay for a simple one), rent a minibus (800-1200 rubles per hour), rather than a four-seat car for guests. The car for the newlyweds will cost from 600 rubles per hour for the "Toyota Camry" to 6 thousand rubles. for the Cadillac.
  17. A restaurant. Here the cost depends on the number of guests, the menu, the venue of the wedding. With a modest budget, you can meet 1000-5000 rubles per person, on average you need to give 2000-3500 from a guest, a good banquet can be organized for 4000-6000 rubles per person.
  18. A loaf and a towel. You can bake a loaf, but if you decide to buy it, you'll have to pay about 800 rubles for a small one. Towel can be an obligatory attribute of a traditional wedding. Embroidered on the typewriter can be bought for 700-1500 rubles.
  19. Decoration of the hall. If the bride (or her friend, relative) decides to do everything herself, the decoration of the hall will cost 5-7 thousand, a standard decoration (table for gifts, a table for young people, flower compositions on tables, decoration of bantam chairs) will cost about 30 thousand.
  20. A wedding cake. A small and modest will cost 3000 rubles or more. On average, the cake will cost 7-10 thousand.
  21. The setting of the first dance. One lesson costs 1-2 thousand rubles. The setting of the dance takes an average of 2-3 classes.
  22. Tamada. You can hold a wedding without a leader, the economy will cost 3-6 thousand, the average cost - from 10-15 thousand rubles.
  23. Other expenses: a cushion for the rings (about 300 rubles), a cover for the certificate of the wedding (200-600), car decoration (1-3 thousand), invitations (15-50 rubles apiece), wedding glasses (from 600 rubles per pair) , hotel room rental for bride and wedding night, artists for the wedding, fireworks.
  24. Significant expenses are expected if a second day of the wedding or a trip is planned.
application to the registry office

Drawing up a guest list

How to start preparing for a wedding step by step? As soon as possible, it is desirable to determine exactly the list of guests. Sometimes the number of people who will attend the registration at the registry office and at the banquet is different, so two lists will be needed. Think about whom you want to see at a festive dinner, and whom will you invite to the registry office only? The number of guests often depends not only on the wishes of the groom and the bride, but also on the financial possibilities, because the final cost of the banquet, car rental will depend on this figure.

Choosing wedding rings

How to start preparing for the wedding? Many couples begin to plan the creation of a family with the purchase of rings. Traditionally, the bridegroom must acquire the wedding rings. Before marriage, they must be kept by him or his parents. How to start preparing for the wedding of the groom? Of course, with the purchase of rings. This should be taken care of in advance, because then it may turn out that the desired model, the right size or design is not in the store. Decide on the style of the rings, they should be comfortable, not too heavy, moderately classical. Design rings of the bride and groom may be slightly different, the main thing - in the rings there must be some common detail, for example, engraving, the location of the stone or the same color of gold.

selection and purchase of rings

Venue of the event

How to start preparing for the wedding? The plan and form of the event should be considered in advance. Decide whether it will be a classic wedding with dinner in a restaurant, a holiday outdoors outside the city or just at home? You need to choose a restaurant that you like, decide on the menu and decor of the hall. Discuss with the restaurant manager the possibility of ordering music and so on. If you decide to conduct a wedding in an open area, book a rental in advance, because the demand for visiting ceremonies is very large. In advance it is necessary to agree and with the florist, and with representatives of the registry office, who will register the marriage outside the walls of the state institution.

decoration of the hall

Costumes for the bride and groom

3-6 months before the wedding, you need to choose a dress andaccessories to it. You can buy a new dress, buy in the secondary market, rent for one day. But do not deny yourself a pleasant process fitting! You can try on several models in the nearest salon, and then order via the Internet suitable. We need to take care of the suit for the groom. Do not forget to buy comfortable shoes, jewelry, a bandage for the bride and beautiful underwear.

choice of bridesmaid dresses

Wedding organizer

The services of the wedding organizer will allowsignificantly relieve the bride and groom. This person will find out the wishes of the newlyweds for the festive day, pick up a photographer and video operator, a toastmaster, a restaurant and a menu, consult several times with the bride and groom about all the details, book and order everything. This is an excellent way for busy people or when there is very little left before the solemn event, and everything seems to just fall from the hands. If you decide to contact a wedding organizer, you will not have to wonder about where to start preparing for the wedding. The list of cases in the finished form is already in the organizer, who will do everything for you.

Rent a car for your wedding day

How to start preparing for the wedding? The budget is determined, the venue of the banquet is booked, the dress is selected. All? No, there are still some very important cases. Questions related to the rental of wedding cars, traditionally placed on the groom. He needs to choose cars, order them on the right date, invite decorators to decorate cars. We must not forget about the transport for the guests. As mentioned above, you can order a minibus that will take guests from the registry office to the restaurant (if the budget is modest, then you can refuse to walk with the guests, taking only witnesses with you).

wedding car

Creating an image of the bride

How to start preparing for a wedding, nowmore or less understandable. But the choice of dress, restaurant, wedding rings - that's not all. After all, the image of the bride will not be complete. You still need to choose a hairstyle and makeup, just a day or two before an important event to do a manicure. It is advisable to rehearse - to make a wedding hairstyle and makeup about a month before the registration of the marriage, to see if everyone likes it, whether it fits to the dress and so on.

Distribution of duties

It is necessary to decide who will help with the trainingbride, meet guests and put them in their places. If there is a wedding organizer, then he will do it. But otherwise, you need to assign these responsibilities to one of your relatives and friends. The person in charge is the mother of the bride or groom. But they want to really enjoy this important event on the day of the children's wedding. Therefore, it is expedient to distribute duties. Let the rings will be at the witness, to seat the guests can be entrusted to the witness, several cheerful girlfriends can meet them. So everyone will be in business, no one will get bored, nothing will go wrong. In addition, think it over so that, if necessary, a friend responsible for some stage of the wedding day could be replaced by another person.

Preparation of wedding timings

How to start preparing for a wedding, when tosolemn event is not so much time, the restaurant and car are ordered, the dress is chosen, the presenter is getting ready for the event? All is ready? Not really, because you need to prepare even for the most solemn day, when because of the excitement everything can mix in your head. To prevent this from happening, it's worth making up the timing. This is a wedding day plan, painted literally by the hour. Not everything can be planned per minute, but timing will help the newlyweds at least understand the plan of the event.