/ How to build a conversation with a girl?

How to build a conversation with a girl?

A person is not able to live without communication.Practically all our time, free from sleep, we communicate with familiar and unfamiliar people. Usually, unless, of course, a person has grown up separated from civilization, problems with communication do not arise. However, when it comes to communicating with a girl he likes, the male representatives often come to a screeching halt. It would seem that there is complicated? There are so many things that can be discussed. But even a highly educated person, who knows a lot of interesting things, and who is not deprived of his oratorical skills, talks with the girl often does not stick.

All the fault of fear is to say something is not right andform a bad opinion of yourself. As a result, it is really being formed, but not because of a wrong phrase, but because of an absurd silence. So what to do in such situations? It's very simple - you need to talk about yourself, and also listen to what the girl says to you (the latter is even more important). Do not be afraid of anything. The conversation will start by itself, and from the primary shyness there will be no trace. And if you do not know how to maintain a conversation with a girl so as not to expose yourself in a bad light, follow a pair of simple tips, and if you are sympathetic to her, everything will pass just fine. The realization that you are on the right track will help you feel confident.

So, the main thing in conversation is not to tire a lady and notgive her bored. After all, you need to leave a positive impression of yourself, and for this it should associate you with pleasant sensations. So do not turn the conversation with a girl into a lecture about football or programming in C ++. For these purposes, you have friends.

You can start the conversation with chatter, which neitherwhich does not oblige: the weather, mood, the latest news, studies, etc. But do not focus your attention on these topics for long. They are needed only to start a conversation. Then you need to get the girl interested. Let her talk about what she likes, even if she does not know anything about it. Despite everything, show your own, albeit artificial interest, praise it, make an easy compliment - all this will help you create a pleasant impression of yourself.

When it comes to you, in no casedo not complain, even if things go unimportantly. This is your wife can feel sorry for you and help, and an unfamiliar girl should see you as a strong person. But do not go too far, boasting will not bring you to the good either. It is best to talk with a girl in a half-joking tone. Talk about yourself with humor, quick and fun. Do not ship it with all the details of your work or study. Let her have after communication a slight sense of mystery coming from you, even if you are the most ordinary person in life.

The conversation in general should be conducted only inpositive and slightly frivolous tone: no disputes and negative emotions should not be, even if you think her opinion is incorrect. Talking to a girl is not a place for self-affirmation and bulging out your "ego", it's an exciting game in which as a prize you get its location.

However, the situation changes slightly if you havethere will be a conversation with the girl on the phone. In this case, non-verbal communication will not be involved, and therefore your enchantments on it are unlikely to work. If you do not meet with the girl for a while, it is better to use the phone only for one purpose - to agree on a new date. The same applies to communication on the Internet, which gives you even fewer opportunities to reveal yourself. Leave the Internet for business correspondence and go out, finally, on a real date. And there everything depends on you. The main thing is to feel confident and not be afraid. Believe me, the girl is experiencing the same as you, and it is you who should recharge her with a sense of calm and self-reliance.