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How to achieve a girl: useful advice

Many guys are faced with what they likegirl, but she does not pay attention. You can not sit idle in this situation and wait that one day everything will fall into place, as you wish. The question arises: "How to get a girl?"

In ancient times, knights admired ladiesfeats, falling in love with them, but now such methods are impossible. And the challenge to the opponent's duel is now judged by quite different measures. So how to get a girl, if not "exploits"?

how to get a girl
Some men believe that for a beautifulhalf is mainly important to their welfare and figure. No need to make a bet on this. Perhaps it will be just a pleasant addition, but it is best to win the heart. You do not want to be loved only for a purse or dice? Of course, this does not mean that you need to stop developing, play sports and earn money.

Before you reach a girl, you should learn some secrets, which we will tell you:

  • Be persistent.You called your beloved in the cinema, theater, but she refused? You can not give up! Take her home, meet with flowers. Wish good night or just laugh. Try to catch yourself more often (but not too much), she will notice you. Do not try every five minutes, soak a day or two. If you paid much attention, and then disappeared somewhere for a while, it would interest her. Appear suddenly with a bouquet of flowers at her house, and your chances will increase. Do not get carried away! Otherwise you will irritate her. If you are denied 4-5 times, you can "withdraw" from it yourself.
  • How to achieve a girl without letting others inmen? First of all, remember: excessive jealousy also does not lead to anything good. In potentially dangerous places, show up with her more often, so that others can see that she has you. Most rivals will drive it away. Also try to gently get rid of her male friends. Do not think that nobody needs you. Respect her and show your love.
  • Try to please her friends, because her opinion is important to them (but do not flirt with them). Tell an interesting story from childhood, say a toast, in general, be sociable.
    work for a girl
  • Is it worth it to get the girl you aredo not like it at all? The answer is obvious - no. There are always women who will not "peck" at you, even if you are an ideal. Just understand and go on. Do not be offended and do not take revenge, better switch to another.
  • Do not be rude, show good manners, bepolite. Do not swear at the beloved mat and do not insult the feelings of others. You can help others (if you transferred your grandmother across the road, "plus one to karma" is provided to you in most cases).
  • Be a little emotional. Show your feelings, girls appreciate when they tell the most "secret". Do not answer short questions about the questions, tell everything in detail.
  • At least potentially wish for marriage.All women think about it. Do not be naive. Show that you are with her in the fire, and in the water, and in the registrar. Remember that getting married every year is becoming more difficult. If you absolutely do not agree, it is better to give up "conquests".
  • Behave confidently. Try to make the majority of decisions, and not unconditionally obey your girlfriend. She also wants to feel weak sex.
    is it worth it to get a girl
  • It will be easier if you do something. Open the wine and nail the shelf - all will be written to you in pluses.
  • Once you have achieved it, do not forget to continue to please her with gifts. If you are late - warn. You do not want your beloved to worry.

That's all the advice on how to get a girl. Recall that everything is in your hands.