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How to behave with a girl?

How to behave with a girl?This question worries many men's minds. Even the most experienced and self-confident guys sometimes do not know which line of behavior to choose in communication with the girl they like. After all, if from the beginning of acquaintance to start making mistakes and doing illogical actions, there may not be a relationship.

A guy who seeks an answer to the question of how to leadmyself with a girl, I must determine whether he wants to build a serious relationship with her. After all, if sympathy is sincere, then it is immediately noticeable. Otherwise, you have to wear masks, play games, and women always feel false. The naturalness of the behavior relaxes the girl and adjusts her to the right wave. With a person who behaves sincerely, it is always pleasant and interesting to communicate. Many guys do not sleep at night and are tormented by the question "How to overcome the fear of a girl?". This is stupid, because women are also people, they also have their own experiences and often on getting to know a man they are much more worried than himself.

These reflections smoothly flow into the nextpoint of successful behavior with women. The guy should be confident in himself and demonstrate it with his behavior. Opinion should always be expressed clearly, do not mumble, do not blush and do not stutter. Place and time of appointment should be appointed without any hesitation. But do not forget about the interests of the girl. Suddenly she wants to go to some special place? In this case, she is unlikely to remain satisfied with the pressure and orderly tone of her chosen one, who informs her of a meeting in a nightclub or billiards. You need to be able to choose the right line of behavior for different situations. Compromise is always the best way out.

Guys who have exhausted themselves with the question of how to leadyourself with a girl, we must not forget that women in the majority love strong men. It has long been proven that almost all girls subconsciously associate the chosen one with their own father. That is, the satellite should guide a woman through life, help her in everything, not for nothing that millions of girls constantly sound the same phrase: "like behind a stone wall."

The ideal man is always caring. He defends his chosen one from life's hardships, bad weather, unpleasant people and so on. Therefore, a loving person always cares about his half.

It's no secret that surprises and pleasant little thingscan melt the ice in any relationship. What girl does not dream of receiving gifts, flowers, invitations to romantic places and so on? A guy who pretends to be the future chosen one of a particular girl will appoint her visits in the original places. Perhaps it will be a beautiful park, a deserted beach at night, where you can view the starry sky, an excursion to an interesting place or something else. You need to try to please your soulmate more often with small surprises, giving presents. But it is very important not to overdo it, since regular bouquets of flowers are then taken for granted, and do not bring any pleasure. And the gift does not have to be bought in an expensive store. Sometimes, presents made by oneself are perceived with great enthusiasm. How to behave with a girl? Give her gifts.

Many guys do not know how to conduct a dialogue withthe girl. Of course, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. But in any case, it is worth remembering that women do not like boors, as well as those men who behave and say rudely, mater, do not listen to the interlocutor's opinion, and do not know how to listen. You need to try to talk calmly, show all your advantages in the conversation and hide the minuses.

Nobody is perfect, so do not turn a date into a campaign against Golgotha. You need to be optimistic and enjoy the communication with the girl you like.