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Ten ways to make an offer to your girlfriend

All the girls dream of a beautiful offer of the hand andThe heart that would lift them to heaven, to the peak of happiness. But many men for some reason refuse them this pleasure, applying so banal ways that their ladies are not happy, but only upset. If you do not know how to make an offer to a beloved girl beautifully and ingeniously, then this article is for you. The methods described below will help to win her heart.

In the sky

Many people call love an unearthly feeling, sorecognition can be done at altitude. The best thing for this purpose is a balloon. Do not think about how to make an offer to your girlfriend, just organize a walk in the clouds at sunset. Do not forget to bring along a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.

how to make an offer to your girlfriend

During the massage

Women like to walk on high heels.If your girl runs all day on the hairpins, then after a day's work, do her foot massage. During this pleasant procedure, put a ring on any toe.

At the concert

If you two visit concerts periodicallygroup, which she really likes, then the question of how to make an offer to a beloved girl, disappears by itself. You only need to buy tickets and ask the vocalist to tell you about your intentions between the songs. In such situations, people will necessarily meet you.

beautiful offers to your girlfriend

Delicious way

What other methods can be classified as"Beautiful offers to your girlfriend"? Now all the confectionery factories make cakes with any pictures and inscriptions on request. You can even place your joint photo on the cake, and under it the signature: "Come for me!"

By radio

There are many radio programs for handling such arequest. A DJ can put your favorite song of your chosen one or even read poems on your behalf. Offer your girlfriend can do yourself. To do this, you just need to get through to the live broadcast.


It does not matter where, the main thing is thatit happened in front of everyone. Any public admirations are touchingly acting on others and are a kind of show, during which the potential bride is unlikely to deny you. Do not forget to prepare the appropriate speech.

With balls

Air balloons will help in any situation.Only they must be pumped with helium. On each ball you write one letter of your proposal, and they all tie to the railing at the entrance of your beloved.

poems offer to your girlfriend


For this method you will need to order an airplane,which will fly over you with a large banner on which your proposal will be inscribed. The most important thing is not to miscalculate with the size of letters, otherwise your favorite simply will not be able to read it.

In Paris

Probably, this is the most romantic way of howmake an offer to your girlfriend. Take her to Paris, to the Eiffel Tower. Climb up to the maximum height, and when she pushes you timidly, hug and hold the velvet box. Now she will lean on your shoulder for the rest of her life.