/ / Woman and man-Fish in love

Woman and man-Fish in love

Fish are very volatile, although they themselves can notnotice. They literally become a mirror of their environment. Sometimes it even seems that they do not have their own face, but this is a deep delusion. Pisces are very compassionate, sensitive, vulnerable. In the worst cases - weak-willed, unreliable, ambivalent. They can promise a lot, but nothing can be done, betrayed. The contradictoriness of their character is visible already in the symbol of the sign: two fish swim in different directions.

Man-fish in love

Very romantic and often look for lifean unearthly ideal, the embodiment of one's fantasies. They are admired by strong, strong-willed women, with whom you can feel confident and secure. In addition, for a successful career, Pisces needs their own museum, which would lead, inspire, and eliminate contradictions. If their companion is of this type, then Pisces very easily achieve material well-being and position in society.

Man-fish in love rarely takes the initiative andactivity, but with pleasure accepts them from a woman. Best of all, he feels like a fairy prince, who finally waited. It is necessary to constantly demonstrate that it is ideal, meaningful and beloved.

Pisces tend to yield, manifestations of aggression andtheir power is extremely rare. This type does not belong to the breed of conquerors, as, for example, Aries is in love, therefore, if a woman prefers men "with a spark", then it is better not to communicate with Pisces. Men of this sign are a little old-fashioned, appreciate care, tenderness, delicacy, touching feelings, a riddle in a woman. Tactfulness, rudeness, criticism, condemnation can push them away once and for all.

Man-Fish in love most appreciates supporthis woman. In difficult situations, it is necessary to instill in everyone the feeling of self-righteousness and self-righteousness. To throw the Fish one on one with problems is impossible - he is lost, despairs, goes into depression.

The final choice of the Fish is very difficult -It is constantly torn by contradictions. You need to be able to gently bring him to the decision of the situation, reminding the most pleasant moments of the relationship, so that in his thoughts he could see his woman ideal.

Man Fish in love and marriage appreciates homewarmth and comfort, helps around the house, loves to fiddle with children. The main thing is not to offend his indifference and coldness, to support, not to allow his internal chaos and weakness to manifest.

Woman-fish in love

To fall in love with the Fish is very simple - it is feminine and outwardly defenseless, men feel confident and comfortable in her society.

By the strength of the character of the woman-fish,excel male Pisces. But, nevertheless, in relations they do not want to dominate. The main thing for Pisces is to feel the protection and care of your man. Women of this sign also dream a lot, fantasize, seek their ideal. But at the same time they clearly know who they are looking for and what they want. And if they consider that their chosen one is worthy, they will show all the strength and dedication of their love.

Women-Fishes are most afraid of poverty,therefore very much appreciate the material security and stability that the partner can offer them. Expensive things, fashion brands, decorations, restaurants - without this the process of conquering Pisces can not go well.

Applicant on the hand and heart of the Fish can notmanifest aggression, but without initiative and perseverance in courtship is indispensable. Women of this sign are very fond of seducing and every time to make sure that their spells are working. They always justify and protect their choice, support and inspire.

Females are extremely sentimental - theycan cry over a book or film. They take offense long if their partner forgot about the date of the wedding or birthday, and gifts and signs of attention on March 8 and February 14 are simply necessary.

Nevertheless, in economic matters Pisces show amazing practicality: they pay bills in time, prepare them well, give expensive gifts to their chosen one.

Females are very attached to children, goodunderstand their problems and fears, patronize, pamper. However, in education they lack strength and discipline - in this they relish reliance on their partner.