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How to attract attention

Every woman dreams of meeting the idealman. Everyone has his own requirements, but everyone needs attention and love first of all. It often happens that, having become interested in a person, a woman does not feel reciprocity. How to attract attention and "do not fall in the dirt face"?

First you need to prepare for the fact that you are waiting for various difficulties. But you should not be afraid for a long time. Otherwise, your chosen one can be won by another, more determined girl.

How to attract the attention of men

First of all, it is necessary to learn about it as possiblemore information: work, hobbies, interests, preferences, favorite places, food and so on. This will help to make up a psychological portrait of a man and look at him from the side. It is very important to understand what attracts him to women. When you find out, go to the search for places for "casual" meetings.

In order for a person to notice us, it is necessaryfrom time to time come across to his eyes. It is best to start going to the places that your chosen one visits regularly. It can be a park, a fitness club, a swimming pool, a grocery store and so on. Sign up at his favorite gym. This is useful for the figure, and will help you look at the man.

Now that you know where to find yourelect, you have another question: how to attract attention and not seem intrusive? A man does not have to understand that you are trying to seduce him. Let him think that you met by accident.

In order to get acquainted, you can resort to the well-known female trick: to fall next to a man or something to drop. As practice shows, in 99% of cases this works without fail.

You already know how to draw your attention, it remains to figure out how to keep it.

Correct communication

One of the basic rules for communicating with a man is notShow that you are smarter than him. Representatives of the stronger sex like to feel their superiority and importance. It is not superfluous to ask a man for advice in a particular situation. Try to always look natural.

Fall in love with a man is very difficult.He must feel that you understand and need him. Try to communicate more often on different topics. The only thing you should not talk about is your past relationship. Otherwise, you risk becoming just a friend, which is completely useless. Communication should be enjoyable and fun for both of you. A little flattery also does not hurt. The main thing is not to overdo it and not start praising those qualities that are not.

Give the man the opportunity to plan yourjoint rest. It is very important to give him reason to think and take care of you. Thus, he will gradually begin to feel responsible for you, and this is the first step to a serious relationship.

Give your lover some inexpensive, but necessary thing. For example, a rare specimen for a collection or a fishing tackle. This will serve as another reason to remember about you.

Do not forget that the way to the heart of a manlies through his stomach. First find out about his culinary preferences. Cook his favorite dish or bake a cake. It will be great if you treat not only him, but also a few more people. Men love when others praise their women.

When the relationship is just beginning, they will be strengthened by several fans. A couple of calls and bouquets will make your chosen one believe in your exclusivity and a little bit of jealousy.

Now you know how to attract attention andwin the heart of a man. Be always in a good mood, smile. Cheerful and cheerful people always attract others. It's easy to get acquainted with them and go together in life.