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An age-old dilemma: on what date to kiss a man?

Dates ...What can be more pleasant for any romantic? The first timid attempts to please each other, the amazing magic of incipient love and, of course, the sensation of a spark that skips between a man and a woman ... However, many are tormented by numerous questions concerning how to behave with the person you like. How far can you go on a first date? On what date can you let the object of your love kiss your cheek or lips? Is it worth to be guided by reason or to trust your heart? This article is devoted to answers to these difficult riddles.

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The value of a kiss

A kiss is not just a touch of your lips tolips or cheek of another person. In our culture, the kiss has a profound meaning. He says that you trust a person that you are ready to let him into your personal space, that he is pleasant to you, and you take it seriously enough. Therefore, the question of which date you can kiss, tortures almost every woman. In this case, the deepest meaning is the first kiss - it is a kind of signal, saying that the man with whom you decided to go on a date is in your eyes a potential lover, not a friend or friend. On what date to kiss a man? Let's try to understand this difficult question.

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Kiss on the first date: taboo or opportunity?

Of course, for our grandmothers the question of whichkissing, had only one answer. Kissing on the first date was considered unacceptable. Such liberty could be afforded only by the dismissed young ladies, who completely did not follow their own reputation. However, times have changed, and women have received much greater freedom: in our day, not only a kiss, but also sex on a first date is possible. True, this freedom has made life even more difficult. After all, now thinking on what date you can kiss, a woman can never be sure of the correctness of her decision. It is difficult. Perhaps the answer to the question of which date to kiss, psychology allows you to calculate with mathematical precision?

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Whether it is necessary to hurry up?

Is it worth kissing with a man on a first date?Every woman should decide this question for herself. Many people are afraid to appear too accessible, but what are the conventions if your heart is torn to the person with whom you came on a date? If the feeling is mutual, the man will never decide that you are too accessible and ready to kiss the first counter. If not, then you are just waiting for some disappointment. But after all, any date can leave an unpleasant aftertaste, so if you want to take a chance, why not?

How long should I wait?

Many girls, answering the question about whichkissing, they say that you need to wait for the third meeting with a young man. Why did this opinion arise? It's very simple: the fact is that if you are invited to a third date, then, probably, a man is interested in the development of your relationship. This is true, the representatives of the stronger sex rarely spend their time on women who are not deeply sympathetic. Kiss on the third date is the best option for cautious girls who would like to test their feelings and feelings of the young man they liked. In addition, for three meetings, you can pretty well evaluate a man and realize if you want to kiss him really.

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Sixth Date: Time Check

There is an opinion that it is necessary to kissat least on the sixth, and even on the seventh date. Why does it take as long as possible to put off a kiss? It's very simple: if a man is willing to endure for as long as a woman wants, he will take care of your feelings in the future, he will never demand what you do not want to do, he will be attentive to the wishes of his second half. Such a check will make it possible to learn a lot about a man, because if he "needs only one", he will surrender very quickly.

In the question of which date on whichTo kiss, psychology advises to take into account the type of personality of a man. Some young people, especially timid and insecure, can abandon attempts to develop relationships, having received several repetitions in a kiss. This is due solely to the fact that a guy who is trying to go a little further and each time gets rejected, can come to the conclusion that the girl does not have any sympathy for him or perceives him only as a good friend. So, you can meet only in a friendly way and look for a woman who wants to give him her kiss ...

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Heart is the best adviser

If there were universal advice about how,how to behave in order to build an ideal relationship with the opposite sex, psychologists would lose their jobs. After all, it would be enough to issue a book with detailed recommendations: you can kiss only on the third date, but you can hold hands by the second. Fortunately, life is much more complicated and interesting, it simply can not fit in a body of dry rules and advice. Therefore, when deciding on what date to kiss, it is worthwhile to be guided only by one's own feelings and intuition. After all, sometimes happy couples decide to go to the registry office after the first meeting ... On what date can you kiss? Psychology does not give an exact answer. It will be given only by your own heart.

On what date can you kiss with a man? Exact recommendations do not exist. But you can trust in fate and proceed from what you feel in the company of the person who invited you. And then the kiss will take place exactly at the moment when you need both of them.