/ What you need for a wedding

Think in advance What You Need for a Wedding

As you know, the preparation for the wedding ceremony -the matter is extremely troublesome. However, this solemn day is so important for two marrying people that they should conduct it without nervous fuss and spoiled mood. Therefore, all the points about the organization, the choice and preparation of what is needed for the wedding, should be carefully thought out in advance. The sooner you determine all that is needed, the more time will be spent on completing the entire preparation.

Place of banquet.

When choosing all the most important things that you needfor the wedding the list turns out to be quite impressive. But, of course, the first place is always the choice of a place where a festive banquet will be held, where the newlyweds will be congratulated by relatives and friends. Previously, there were no special problems with this: relatives gathered and celebrated at home with the bride or groom, but today they often choose a banquet in a restaurant. Now there is a great choice and almost any restaurant or cafe will readily offer their services for a banquet. Their employees know perfectly well what is needed for a wedding. This will save the newlyweds and their relatives from many economic problems.

Before choosing a suitable restaurant,determine the exact number of guests and their composition: men, women, children, etc. Small restaurants and cafes usually accommodate up to 50 people. Terms of payment of rent of a hall and the menu are usually defined in each concrete case. Try to make an expected version of the menu, including alcoholic beverages, as well as determine the option of decorating the banquet hall and the concert program. Already on the basis of the layout of the room, determine the number and arrangement of tables: usually the letter P or the letter T. It is also necessary to discuss the time of the main dishes on the table: hot, wedding cake and more.

Discussing what is needed for a wedding in a restaurant, notforget that, despite the Russian traditions, according to which tables are simply obliged to "break" from the dishes, usually at the wedding they actively eat only the first 15-20 minutes, and then everyone switches the main attention to drinks. Therefore, it is better to make emphasis on snacks, and for a hot choose something great and spectacular, designed for many portions.

Wedding transport.

Our distant ancestors came to the placecelebrations in gilded carriages or threesomes, now young people prefer to use chic cars. Before choosing the right cars, determine the approximate travel time, route and number of people who will go to the wedding cortege. To view the string of cars was more stylish, it is better to give preference to the classic colors of cars: white, silver and black. Red cars will not look in the cortege inappropriately, if there is no other way out, then you need to put them in the tail. When decorating cars, it is better to base on contrast: ribbons and bows of light tones are suitable for dark cars, and for bright colors you can use bright colors. It's good to decorate the bride's car a little with wreaths of fresh flowers.

Photo and video.

That your wonderful event is not leftonly in memory, do not forget that it is necessary for the wedding to take care of in advance who will photograph and shoot video of this such an important event in the life of the newlyweds. Undoubtedly, among friends and relatives there must be a person who wants to help, but it's better to turn to the services of professionals, because the "second double" of the wedding is already impossible. In addition, a professional can not only capture the whole process, but also then assemble a good and interesting film. Do not be lazy before choosing a photographer and an operator for a wedding to see in advance the samples of their previous works.

The cultural program.

This is a very broad concept, which includesalmost the entire wedding day schedule. After you have determined everything you need to buy for the wedding and where to celebrate it, go on to compiling a detailed timetable with the goal that the newlyweds will remember this day as joyfully as possible, and the invited guests do not have to wait long for their arrival at the banquet. The main thing is that this day be memorized in memory not with its nervous fuss, but with joyful smiles, a cheerful meal and the atmosphere of happiness and love!