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What should be the ideal girl?

How many women are asking themselves howbecome perfect or what should be the ideal girl. The problem is that to begin with, everyone must decide: she wants to become ideal for her man or just be an ideal for herself. Unfortunately, these two ideals do not fit together and sometimes even contradict each other. But still you can try to figure out what an ideal girl should be.

First of all, every lady should know her own worth.Just do not exaggerate, evaluate yourself honestly. You think you are worthy of any man's attention: you care for yourself, try to constantly improve your skills and skills, respect the surrounding people, love children, know how to forgive. This list can be continued indefinitely, after all, everyone has shortcomings, but if you can hide all this skillfully or turn it into dignity, you can be proud of yourself, because this is also a good quality.

In addition, you must love yourself!How would you react to a person who constantly responds badly? Probably, your opinion of him would change drastically. So you have to realize that you need to love and respect yourself, first of all, to yourself, and then demand it from others.

Most men still consider it importantideal parameters for the girl. Or rather: she should have beautiful slender legs, well-groomed hands, breasts at least 2 sizes and long hair. As for appearance, everyone has his own taste, the main thing is that you can hide your shortcomings with the help of make-up or any other means. The ideal growth for a girl varies between 165 and 175 centimeters, depending on what kind of external data it has. Let's try to determine what other qualities an ideal girl should have.

First of all, she must be a good mistress.Let it sounds a little rude, but the ideal girl in the eyes of any man is also a real goddess in bed. For women, this is a paradox, but the guys love it when the girl owns all the skills in bed, while she must have a minimum of partners (ideally, no one at all, only one - the only one and the beloved one). Well, how to achieve this, what and where to learn - there's every twist as best you can. For some, the teacher is the Internet and movies, for others - magazines and books, for the third - gossips with girlfriends, and the fourth and do choose a mentor of their own partner. The most important thing is a desire to please a man and get joy from sex itself.

And what should be the ideal girl in the kitchen?Of course, she must be a master at cooking. Although men do not hide that they also like to cook something and please their loved ones: the truth is, some should be under the sensitive female leadership, while others do it themselves. By the way, to win the heart of a man, the fair sex does not need to invent something unearthly and strange. It will be enough if it prepares the most delicious food at minimal cost.

Another important sign of the ideal in the eyes of a man-this character. And not some, but the real one. What should be the ideal girl in this regard? You should always have a sense of self-worth, but you should always reckon with your soul mate. Remember that decisions in the family should be taken together, about what would be the conversation. A beautiful half of humanity must always support his man and constantly remind that he is loved.

Men also love affectionate words and praise,compliments and signs of attention. And if the lady wants her chosen one to ask with gifts and surprises more often, then she should know: even on small female marks of attention he will answer doubly.

Of course, you can not please everyone, but ifthe charmer to everything else will be able to understand himself and his character, find out the preferences and dreams of his chosen one, then she will be lucky in life: the loved one will regret and cherish the embodiment of her dream all her life.