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How to make a bouquet of the bride with your own hands? Ideas of manufacturing

Even in Ancient Greece during the wedding ceremonyThe bride walked under the crown, carrying in her hands branches of flowering ivy and orange trees. It was believed that such plants are symbols of eternal love, family happiness and wealth. In the days of Ancient Egypt, by analogy, the bride was given branches of rosemary and garlic.

This bouquet also symbolized prosperity infamily, love and understanding. Modern newlyweds are not limited to prejudices from the past. Therefore, they can go to the altar with any bouquet of the bride. It is not difficult to do this with your own hands. We offer you step-by-step instructions on how to create your own bouquets for a wedding.

Materials for a bouquet

What materials and tools are needed?

Before you make your own hands a bouquet of the bride,it is necessary to think over the concept of the future product. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools that you may need. Suppose your bouquet is made of real white flowers.

For this, take:3-4 large chrysanthemums, 6-7 medium-sized hydrangeas (do not forget that there should not be an even number of colors in total), packing of real twine, brown wire, buttons for office, garden secateur and brown organza with a width of at least 5 cm.

Flowers in a bouquet

We form the base billet for the bouquet

So, when all the tools and materialsprepared, you can go to the very process of creating a bouquet of the bride with your own hands. First, take all the flowers prepared for work and use a pruner or scissors to trim all the leaves neatly. Next, take three hydrangea flowers and put them together so that a small triangle of flowers is produced.

Bouquet and Wire

We connect flowers in triangles

To the resulting three flowers add three morelight hydrangeas. Add them along the edges of the formed triangle. In the center should remain a place under the last hydrangea. At the same time, it is recommended to lay it just above the level of all other flower heads.

Thus, you will specify a rounded shape for yourthe future bouquet of flowers of the bride. With your hands, free up some space in the center and insert into it three white chrysanthemums. You should get a kind of open triangle.

Circumcision of extra stems

We fix flowers with legs with improvised means

After all the flowers are in their place, fix them with floristic wire. In this case, for reliable fixing, it is best to fix the wire in the upper and lower part of the bouquet.

Eliminate the excess ends of the stems with scissors or pruners. Then wrap them with an organza tape. Its ends are fixed with buttons. On the tape in a loose order, wind the twine.

Decoration of a bouquet with a ribbon

At the end, fix the pieces of twine residuesbending floristic wire. It turned out quite a nice and neat bouquet of the bride. It is not difficult to make it with your own hands. The main thing is to stick to the above-mentioned work plan.

Bouquet and rope

Three bouquets of fresh flowers

Creating bouquets of their fresh flowers isclassics of the genre. However, there are several options that allow you to create the most beautiful and unusual bouquet. For example, you can take advantage of our previous advice and make flowers on the stems. It is noteworthy that after winding the legs of the plant with a decorative ribbon, the flowers themselves can be supplemented with a variety of beads, rhinestones and even sparkles.

As an option, you can make a bride bouquet yourhands of real flowers using wire. This product is created by analogy with a bouquet on stalks. However, for greater reliability, wire is inserted into each of the flower stems. So you can more securely fix all the flowers. Over the stems, a decorative tape is wrapped up, fixed with clerical buttons.

And finally, the most long-lasting optionis considered a bouquet using portbuketnitsy. This product is a special ball of foam rubber, attached to the plastic frame. It is in this ball and inserts live flowers on small legs.

And for the further safety of freshness of flowersThis roller is recommended to be soaked with water. In conclusion, this product is neatly decorated with satin and other ribbons, in order to hide the secret substrate for fresh flowers. That's how the bride's bouquet is made by oneself. Step-by-step execution of all actions is a guarantee of the quality of work. By connecting a fantasy, you can get an extraordinarily beautiful bouquet that easily complements the image of any bride.

Bridal bouquet of satin ribbons by own hands

Live flowers are, of course, beautiful, but impractical and short-lived. Therefore, many newlyweds prefer to create several wedding bouquets, of which one is the main one, and the second is the understudy.

It is noteworthy that the first one can be made frombeautiful, but short-lived living plants, and the second - from any decorative materials. For example, the bouquet of the bride from tapes is very popular. With his own hands to do or better order ready, the question is controversial. But if for your wedding you want to do everything yourself, then it's time to do needlework.

We create a bouquet of beautiful satin ribbons

So, we make the wedding dress from satin ribbons. The bride's bouquet is not difficult to create by oneself. Another thing is that for work you will need the following materials and tools:

  • 14-15 meters of ribbons of white or pink color with a width of at least 50 mm.
  • 1-2 meters of white lace.
  • 5-8 plastic beads, rhinestones or artificial pearls.
  • Ball made of foam or foam.
  • 5-6 thin pieces of wire with white pearls at the end (these are the future stamens).
  • Glue.
  • Nippers or scissors.
  • Floral tape and wire.
  • Oblong wooden sticks.

Take about 10-12 wooden sticks. Tightly fold them together. Secure the top and bottom of the wire. Connect the resulting beam to a hemisphere or a soft ball. Slightly squeeze and deepen the sticks into the sphere. The resulting hole fill with glue.

Wait until it is dry. Mask the joint with a rounded lace. Make it a kind of substrate. Well glue the sticks. Disguise them with tape. The ends should be carefully wrapped in the type of paper in the envelopes and glued.

We make flowers from satin ribbons

When the floral frame is ready, you canbegin to make the flowers themselves. The easiest way is to make roses of different shapes. To do this, take the wire. Screw a ribbon over it. Get a kind of knob. Fix it with wire or thread (it is better to tighten the tape).

Cut off the extra pieces. Adjust the wire length and insert the ready rosette into the previously prepared sphere or semicircle. There can be many such roses. If desired, they can not be threaded on the wire, but cut under the root and glued to the sphere. In this case, glue the roses in a circle. In the end, in their center, you can paste beads, rhinestones, decorate with artificial pearls.

Now you know how to make a bouquet of the bride with your own hands, using glue and satin ribbons.

Bouquet with buttons

How to make an original brooch-bouquet?

Another original product that can bemake your own hands for the wedding, is a brooch-bouquet. To do this you will need materials and tools such as pliers, wire for floristry, 70-80 versatile brooches or buttons, glue gun, several artificial flowers, special green or brown Scotch tape, a few English pins and 50 cm light satin ribbon.

Before you start, all the brooches and buttonsIt is necessary to wash in soapy water and thoroughly dry. Each brooch or button is attached to the wire and decorated with floral tape. We take artificial flowers and divide them into separate petals. Then, with the help of a pistol glue, attach two such petals to each received stem.

Take the five newly formed from the buttons orbrooches of flowers and fix them in a peculiar bundle with floral tape. With the remaining colors we do the same. And only after the wedding bouquet is ready, it remains only to carefully trim the stems of the product. Do not forget that it should have a rounded shape. At the end of the work, wrap the stems with a satin ribbon. Fix the ends with glue or clerical buttons.

How to make a bouquet of artificial flowers?

A bouquet of unreal colors is created by analogywith a product from living plants. At the same time, it is not difficult to find artificial flowers. They are almost everywhere. For work, you can also take as a basis frame with a sphere or a semicircle of foam. Either ready-made flowers are simply gathered in a bouquet and fixed with wire for strength and a beautiful satin ribbon for a greater visual effect.

Amazing bouquet of beads and beads

Quite unusual looks bouquet with the addition ofvarious beads, details of jewelry, artificial pearls. To create an appropriate effect, use a piece of foam. It can be painted green or pink, which visually increases the density of your bouquet. Then alternately glue beads, beads, buttons and anything. At the end, decorate with ribbons and cover with sequins or gilded paint.

What other materials can make a bouquet?

In addition to the above materials, a bouquet forWeddings can be made from polymer clay. According to the masters in this field, such plants look extremely realistic. However, because of the certain gravity that they give to the product, this bouquet should not be thrown into the crowd. To do this, you need to prepare a second reserve bouquet made from real plants.

In addition, an inseparable attribute for a weddingcan be made from colored paper, napkins, corrugated paper, cardboard, origami material. Look pretty flowers kanzashi, made from a rich velvet fabric of red color. They can be of different sizes, due to what they look very elegant and effective. In short, there are a huge number of options that help create an exclusive bouquet for the wedding.