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Is a kiss a betrayal?

Kiss - what is this?Someone considers this an expression of feelings, someone does it automatically, and someone so cares for the child. How much can you put in just one touch with your lips! And sometimes even offend without words.

Do you think this is impossible? Just the opposite.A kiss can burn not only the lips, but also the heart. Imagine if you saw your soul mate in someone else's arms and at the same time a couple kisses passionately. What emotions arise? Pain, hatred, disappointment, desire to fall through the ground or tear to shreds of these two unbearable people. But is the kiss a betrayal?

Let's just say, it all depends on the situation, your character and in general on your relationship. Only these components together can make a complete picture.

Suppose you relax with your friends.After a little drinking, you want to remember youth. Say, play in the "bottle." Is a kiss a betrayal in such a situation. The answer is no. This is a joke, a game and nothing more. Do not take it too close. After all, situations are much more complex in life. But if there are former guys and girls in the company, then you can fidget a little. However, if there is no reason, then you do not have to chew yourself.

When you saw how your half gently kisses the boss's cheek, do not get excited. And think about what it meant. Maybe it's a banal birthday greeting or another holiday.

The above examples can still be experienced andsomehow reconcile, but now with a passionate kiss really can not. Is a kiss a betrayal? Yes. It is not known, where it all went. If a person kisses not you but the other, then there are reasons for this. But do not blame yourself first. Do not look for the answer, they say, what's wrong with me, I'm not good enough / good. It's all a veil and a mask. A man can not be kept forcibly. If he wants to leave, let him go. Kisses - let anyone kiss you. You will only get better from this. Moreover, the sooner you notice a change of this kind, so it will be easier for you to get used to the new status: "again it's free / free".

Often, men are allowed more thangirls. Here more than once the phrase was said: "If the guy had many girls, then he is a male, and if the girl had a lot of guys, then she is frivolous." So it happened, and this, alas, does not go anywhere.

Male treason is more common.The girl, when she finds a suitable guy for herself, can easily settle down, start planning the future - family, children. But it's hard for a guy to get used to the idea that he will never kiss the first one again, he will not go to the club with her, but become a quiet family man. Therefore, in order not to lose the skills of such a male, a guy sometimes needs to lower steam.

Signs of a man's betrayal are always there.He becomes more secretive, withdrawn, more often disappears at work, seeks excuses, hides a mobile phone, does not leave him in a conspicuous place. And those passwords that you knew are changing rapidly. For example, from a mailbox, social networks. Sometimes coincidences are also possible, so if you notice such signs in your boyfriend, do not rush at him with your fists, but watch a little more. It is known that the truth always comes up.

Never allow yourself to sit on your head.Even if the first time you forgave, then the next one is better not to do it, not even try to listen to excuses and requests for mercy. How much you love, if a person decides to betray, then so be it. It's much harder to gnaw yourself than to start living without the past.

Discussions about whether a kiss is considered a betrayal,you can listen for a long time, and everyone has their own version. If there is confidence in a person and true love, then he will never do such an act - he will not run to kiss another, but will remain with you.