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How to apologize to girls: several options

The relationship between a guy and a girl is rarelyabsolutely cloudless - any love, like a roller coaster, gives a powerful charge of emotions, which sometimes find not a very correct way out. Then there are mutual grievances that have to be overcome. And of course, both lovers are guilty, but it is the guy as a representative of the stronger sex who must be able to forgive himself and ask forgiveness from his girlfriend to continue healthy relations with each other.

how to apologize to girls

If all the guys on Earth came to mindshare experiences, how to apologize to girls, probably, this would have led to a whole science. This requires a special, delicate approach, if, of course, reconciliation is the goal. But it is unequivocal that it must be done in an original way, then for your girlfriend you will become not just "one of", but the best and most touching.

One of the most effective ways to askgirls of forgiveness - poetry. Best of all, if you write them yourself, dedicating your heart to a lady. But if the poetic gift is hidden in you too deeply, immortal classics will always come to help - from Pushkin to Shakespeare's sonnets. Read a suitable poem, while looking into the eyes of your beloved, ask for forgiveness - and her heart just melts from such treatment. Another option is to read them in a public place so that as many people as possible can hear about your feelings for her and a request to forgive you. But if modesty is your dignity, a postcard with poems and apologies, sent to her by mail or handed personally, is quite suitable. But to use SMS and the Internet in this matter is not worth it, digital technology very devalues ​​the relationship.

ask the girl for forgiveness of poetry
Another way to ask for forgiveness.The girls will lose heart, if you call your favorite radio station and ask the DJ on the air to give you a call or read a gentle appeal to your beloved. Usually every radio station has any interactive programs with listeners, use it. At the same time ask to put her favorite song.

The next option is how to apologize tothe girl is beautiful, has gained popularity in our country not very long ago. There are special services that provide such a service. So, if your fault is serious enough, hire a special person who will give the girl a bouquet of flowers or a gift from you and eloquently convince her to forgive you.

ask the girl's forgiveness beautifully
But frankly speaking, the best way, liketo ask forgiveness from the girls, is to be frank and sincere. Whatever a trick, even trivial, just call her on the phone, meet after work or study, stand on your knee and explain that you are to blame for her, but that her forgiveness is very important to you, like the girl herself.

Well, finally, advice to all the guys: Learn how to apologize to girls before the emergence of a conflict situation, just in case. After all, sometimes it's better to do this, even if your fault is not in principle. It will be easy for you, and your beloved is pleasant, and the relationship between you will be strong. Now you know how to apologize to girls. Good luck!