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How to conquer a man

Women are usually called the weak halfbut are they weak if they can conquer a man, "disarm" him and force him to retreat before the female whims and weaknesses of even the strongest.

For those who have already won their ownthe only problem left in the past. They can keep their tricks secret or share with those who have not yet managed to stay for the beloved one and only. In this article, we will help those girls who have not yet achieved the desired goal and suggest a couple of tips on how to conquer a man.

First of all, a man or a boy needslearn to understand and listen. If you can listen attentively to him, you will understand his desires, you will be able to understand his habits, for every man, woman or woman, needs understanding. This is one of the important rules for conquering a man.

Always remember that everyone is interested in what ishe says, to discuss topics of interest to him. Listen to the man when he selflessly talks about things that you are not very interested in and this will be the first step towards achieving the goal. In this case, do not forget that female gossip is the number one enemy in the conquest of a man.

Another tip is how to conquer a man. To avoid unnecessary grievances, addressing him with any request, try not to get to the moment when he is busy with something else. It does not matter whether he reads his favorite sports column or does more serious work. Remember, a man can not listen and do anything at the same time. Features of the structure of the male brain prevent him from concentrating on several episodes. He will be able to hear you if nothing else distracts his attention.

From this follows the second rule, how to conquerman. It comes down to not distracting a man during his "serious" studies. Ask him in a polite way, ask him to help solve your problem, but at this point, avoid details, because you can get "in disgrace".

Familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the male psyche. Many men are few words. The brain of a man, unlike a woman, can not function, focusing on several problems. In addition, men are usually laconic, and gabbling is most often a consequence of drinking alcohol.

In order not to have a problem, howconquer a man, try to express an idea so that he has the opportunity to think it over. They should not immediately be several, because it is difficult for men to follow a multifaceted female speech. Clearly state the essence, otherwise the man will be inclined to think that you yourself do not know what you want from him. Your eloquence and ornate conversation can finally discourage his interest in the substance of the question or request.

In the rules, how to subdue a guy, pay attentionat a time when he has problems. In this period of time, your chosen one can withdraw into himself. He does not have a need, like a woman, with someone to talk "heart to heart." Quitting, he tries to solve the problem, so unnecessary questions will distract him and anger him. Give the opportunity to solve this problem to him and find a way out of a difficult situation. Having found a solution, he will certainly return to the cheerful disposition of the spirit. Try not to give him unnecessary advice, you can put him in an embarrassing situation, or he can treat himself as a loser.

In the question of how to conquer a guy, it is necessaryto understand that men are creatures that are devoid of excessive emotionality. It can not be said that they do not experience and do not experience emotions. All of them pass in his soul and heart, only without special external manifestations.

Young people and men are not ways to treatyou are critical, so if you want to win their favor and disposition, refrain from criticizing them. In this case, you can negate their importance to you.

Remember that there is also the shortest way to the heart of a man - gastronomic. Cook, surprise and your goal is achieved!