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Spouses are a family that must be a fortress for children and for themselves

Modern society is not far fromprimitive communal system. No matter how much we want to appear more developed and adapted to life in this world, we are still people who are driven by the same emotions, fears, experiences and reflexes. The difference is only in the outer shell and the presence of more knowledge, scientific facts. But in essence, we remained the same primitive people who hunted a mammoth and fell into packs.

Many of you will consider it your duty to refutea similar opinion, considering himself a being much more reasonable. But look around, only the “picture” has changed. We continue to "extract the mammoth" by visiting work daily. For the "skin" in which you can dress, we go to the shopping center, use firearms instead of spears, and we still warm up food on the fire. Nowhere not to get away from the creation of a family. Of course, primitive man knew little about the psychology of marriage, but already then he understood the need to find and save a couple. Despite the above similarities, we have become much smarter, but because the institution of marriage must be careful and improved. Why do so many people forget about it, destroying their family and the lives of loved ones?

Who are spouses?

Spouses are husband and wife, that is, people whoare married. There is no huge difference in how to call these people, unless “spouse” is a more official name, but “husband”, “wife” is everyday. At the state level, it is a man and a woman who legitimized their relationship by registering them with the registry office. However, often the husband, wife (spouse, spouse), after long years of marriage together, recall only the legal side of their marital relations. And this is sad. After all, spouses are not just people who have a piece of paper with attached obligations and inalienable rights. This is, above all, a free union in which two loving people enter.

Why does marriage break up? It would seem that the reasons lie on the surface, and every family man, looking at them, will give up and say that he already knows about it. Nevertheless, it does not alert him in any way and will not force him to reconsider his relationship. We suggest you to study them more closely, so as not to make mistakes that people repeat generation after generation.

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Lack of understanding

It would seem a rather banal reason and thingwhich often close their eyes. Couples in love rarely notice each other any flaws. Often they do not see that they are completely different people who have incompatible views on life and future plans. The phrase "opposites attract" works not in all cases. Well, when the spouses have different interests, hobbies, and occupation in the end. Then there is always something to talk and share with your chosen one. If one spouse is more emotional and the other is calm, this will help resolve most conflicts. But if, for example, she has plans for motherhood immediately after marriage, and he does not consider it necessary to have children until he reaches the upper rung of the career ladder, it will be quite difficult to settle the differences in such a pair. This is just one small example of what could cause a marriage to collapse, and after all, such cases are simply not considered.

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Discuss problems

It is very important to be thoughtful in creating a family andchoosing a partner, not to marry at an early age, but to look at each other. If the choice has already been made, try to discuss all the differences and find a compromise, it will definitely work out if you value your elect. Do not forget to just talk and share your feelings, because the lack of understanding often leads to a banal unwillingness to engage in dialogue. Do not forget that spouses are people coming to each other. They will always hear.

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Children of spouses, spouses of children

There is an opinion that a marriage is defective ifspouses have no children. However, in some cases the appearance of children can only spoil the relationship between partners. For example, one spouse may simply not be morally ready for the birth of a child. The times when the marriage was concluded at the age of 18, and in 20 children of the children, otherwise the society began to look askance, gone. In the modern world, each person makes this informed decision himself. Another problem may be financial well-being. Raising a child is now very expensive, family well-being can "eat", as they say, life. The family (spouse, spouse) should be ready for children both morally and financially. Otherwise, the partners may not cope with a flurry of problems piling on them. However, it is not only the children of the spouses who can contribute discord. Spouses of children also create conflict situations in the family, because it is also important to find a common language with the elects of your children.

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Family is a fortress

Reasons such as treason or lack ofdiversity in sexual life, we did not begin to consider, since such problems lie on the surface, and here everything depends directly on your choice, and not on the situation. In any case, it is important to remember that spouses are people who are close to each other, and should always be supported and supported. If for any reason you do not feel this, you need to seriously consider whether it is worth maintaining such a relationship.