/ How to choose a condom

How to choose a condom

The reproductive instinct is one of the strongest indevelopment of mankind. However, the modern world creates conditions under which restrictions in procreation arise by themselves. Health, society, cataclysms - all comes down to the desire for the planned appearance of the offspring. The next factor is the protection of one's own health. And here he comes to the rescue, the most common and accessible way of protection is a condom.

In the male sense of an excellent condom, this,first of all, a comfortable condom. And how to choose a condom so as not to spoil the pleasure of sexual contact and avoid drug prescriptions from a suddenly acquired illness?

For the best feelings, do not be afraid.experiment with a contraceptive, try and choose the most comfortable for yourself. To evaluate it from all sides, use the following tips, how to choose a condom is not just the best, but also safe.

There is an opinion that the best and most comfortableThe condom is thin, as it is almost imperceptible. For many years, this motto was also followed by its leading manufacturers. Complicating the technology, they invented more and more subtle models, of course, while trying to preserve its main function - protective properties. However, in recent times the approach has changed, the contraceptive has become more tangible, but has acquired additional stimulation methods, which makes it possible to receive much more pleasure in its use.

How to choose a condom of the correct size? And sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the width. Most young people, hesitating in choosing a condom, pay attention only to the length of the penis. However, if we talk about comfort, then the width is, then the condition under which it is guaranteed. It is not uncommon for men to ignore this factor, and to provide themselves with great discomfort associated with the ring at the base of the condom, which compresses them throughout the entire sexual intercourse. But many contraceptives are created with different widths and for the base of the penis and for its head, which provides comfort and pleasant sensations during their use. Take a few pieces of different brands, and you will have the opportunity, first of all, to change the condom the first time you experience discomfort, and secondly to understand what condom sizes are and what are right for you. Different manufacturers use their kind of latex, shape, structure and therefore will give you new impressions.

In other cases, the right choice is based onnamely on the length. Standard, the condom is usually released in length of 19 centimeters. Naturally, how many men, so many different body structures. Therefore, there are also clinging species of smaller size, and XXL - the kind intended for penises above the standard. The length of such condoms varies from 177mm to 206mm, and the width in turn from 44mm to 57mm. For greater clarity, there is a table of condom sizes:
Condoms Mini Standard Maxi
Length, mm 177 - 198 184 - 198 184 - 206
Width, mm less than 50 50 - 52 52 - 57

Do not forget that choosing a condomlonger, you run the risk of inconvenience yourself, as there is an unused portion in the ring and therefore it can tightly clasp the base of the penis.

Be wary of a negative reaction to the condom. You may get irritated, which can be a manifestation of an allergy. It manifests itself both to the material from which it is produced, and to the lubricant inside it, if any. At the first allergic manifestations change the brand and composition, try to exclude additional stimuli.

Experiment with varieties, theywill bring into your sex life some zest. The options are huge, for every taste - relief, spiraling, pimply, multicolored and even with different flavors and smells.

Many people ask how to choose a condom tosexual intercourse lasted as long as possible. Do not fall for advertising tricks in order to avoid negative consequences. Many manufacturers add special substances that forcibly reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Avoid such experiments, so that you do not have to restore this sensitivity by a medicamentous method.