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Alpha male, or alfach: who is this?

All kinds of manipulation programshuman consciousness walk briskly on the planet, and more and more new terms appear in our everyday life. Bitard, social phobia, alfach ... Not everyone knows what neurolinguistic programming (NLP) or peak-up is, but the words and concepts of these psychological systems are audible to everyone.

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Alpha male - a modern role model

One of the popular questions is: "Alfach - who is this?" In fact, what does this word mean, is it a fictional term or does it have a scientific basis?

Alfach (or alpha-male) - the word that cameto us from the biology and life of the animal world. All male beasts (males), who co-exist in packs, are not equal to each other. Some animal "men" surpass the strength, aggression or severity of the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of oneself. Beasts, the most aggressive and not just proving their power and ability to rivals and other members of the pack, scientists called alpha males.

The Greek alphabet is very much usedresearchers for assigning names. Its first letter is alpha (α), so it is chosen to refer to the "most-most" males. Animals that are inferior to alfacas, but still superior to other animals by force or other characteristics, are called beta males (β). And so on. There are even representatives with the omega sign (ω) - these are the most downtrodden animals, infirm, painful, who get the most insipid food and most likely do not get the female.

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Alpha males in the animal kingdom

How does the alpha, beta, and other males live?Alfach - who is this? Permanent leader and leader? Or is it possible to move from one "caste" to another? First of all, it is worth noting that, of course, the most benefits are obtained by alpha males. These are original leaders, which determine the direction of development of the pack. They get the most delicious food, because they decide what they have. In addition, alpha males themselves choose "ladies" for the continuation of the genus. However, they do not have to sort out - the females themselves consider the alfachas as the best fathers for their future offspring.

What are the disadvantages in the lives of such representativesstronger sex, even if the animal world? It is easy to guess that other beasts (slightly less strong, growing males) are tagged at the leader's place. Consequently, from time to time the alfach participates in deadly fights for a place with beta males.

This is the answer to the question whetherbeta male to become an alpha. It is possible, if beta proves the alfachu and the flock of its primacy in the duel. As for the fate of omega-males, it is unenviable. They will never move to the highest category, and this is inherent biologically. On the one hand, this is a plus - such animals do not participate in fights and can lead a calm, measured life. But in animals other values, one of the main instincts that drive them, is the instinct of reproduction. Females have the right to choose and do not want to mate with weak or weak animals - again, this is inherent in nature.

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Why are some animals born alpha, while othersforced to eke omega existence? Alfach - who is it? Born to be a leader or a lucky one who had such an honor? The word “born” is not quite right; rather, they become one or the other in the process of life. All the young are born basically the same, except for a small number of individuals who are injured at birth. But the further development of the young one goes according to different schemes. Some of them are active and inquisitive, they put a curious nose everywhere, find food in time and eat right. These are potential alpha males. Kids a little less active, but the same restless and fighters, can become beta. Omega can be born completely healthy, but lose their capacity during adulthood. Another option: a small animal does not get enough food and grows weak and underdeveloped. Well, how can he fight for the best place in the sun?

And is it really different here?

Does this relationship remind youhuman society? Even without a pick-up technician, there have always been and will be unrecognized (or recognized) leaders, teasers, machoes. What is a modern alpha man? Photos show us pumped glossy handsome men surrounded by women and expensive cars. Many believe that this is how a real conqueror of women's hearts looks like. However, such a pattern is not an indication of what kind of person this alpha: a photo ruthlessly distorts reality. In the human world, where there are no real fights for power, power has long been relegated to a second, and even more distant, plan. Where money matters more, it is for them that one can gain weight in society.

Alfach from the world of people

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Modern city alfach - who is it? This is a person who has the same characteristics that characterize an alpha male in the animal world. That is the same delicious food, an enviable and revered place in the "flock", the most beautiful "females" who simply hunt for his attention. Who fits this description? Certainly not an athlete and not a strong man, but rather a businessman, a politician, an oligarch ... a powerful man, though not in terms of physical strength. Human society has outplayed the laws of evolution and nature, and the weakest weak omega in our country can play the role of a legitimate alfach. So the question "what does alpha mean in modern society" does not have a logical answer and is not subject to the law of survival of the fittest.