/ How to Get an Orgasm for a Woman: Tips

How to get an orgasm for a woman: tips

How to get an orgasm for a woman? This question excites many of the fair sex. This article offers some recommendations.

How to get an orgasm for a woman? Stress!

how to get an orgasm for a woman
Myotonia is a type of muscle tension thathelps to get an orgasm. Some believe that, on the contrary, it is necessary to relax and lie without moving. This view is not entirely true. Of course, relaxation is important, but it is better to keep some muscles toned.

For pleasure, tryexperiment with the muscles of the legs, abdomen. Naturally, the level of excitation is also affected by the stress of the buttocks and muscles of the vagina. To develop the latter, use Kegel exercises.

In fact, this technique is quite simple. And with regular training can give tangible results. The muscles that you will work on are the same ones that you can control urination.

Why tension can enhancesensitivity? Muscle contraction increases blood flow. Most often this process occurs in the genitals. And the excitement is just manifested by the inflow of blood to the most erogenous zones. So, that's how you will get more pleasure.

How to get an orgasm for a woman? Relax!

exciting for women
This is not the opposite of the previous onerecommendations. Here, relaxation is not muscular, but emotional. You need to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and focus on getting pleasant sensations.

Some women find it difficult to relax. In this case, you can practice affirmations. For example, mentally repeat the phrases that will help you: "I love and approve of myself," "I am absolutely relaxed and enjoy the closeness to my beloved", etc.

The main thing is that these phrases contain a message that will help you feel more confident and tune in the right way.

This method helps to relieve tension, eliminate negative thoughts that can reduce sexual desire and completely focus on having fun.

Some women need a special prelude to orgasm. For example, a couple can come up with their own love games that will help to relax and get excited.

Usually to improve sex liferecommend during sex to strain your muscles and relax your thoughts. This practice is highly effective, it helps many women start experiencing orgasm.

How to get an orgasm for a woman? Check health

prelude to orgasm
Problems in the sexual sphere can be caused by a variety of factors, including psychological ones. To cope with them, use the recommendations given above.

But in some, not too frequent cases,difficulties in achieving orgasm are experienced by women who have health problems. Sometimes the reason is the taking of certain medications. In any case, it is better to consult your doctor first.

Treatment can be different. Often appointed excitatory for women (for example, "Eros"). Such drugs increase blood flow in the pelvic organs. You can also use special creams and lubricants.