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How to survive in a hostel freshman?

How to survive in the dorm? Simply! It is enough only to follow the well-known rules of the hostel, to be able to adapt to the situation and the people around them, and not yet be an egoist. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. But more about that.

how to survive in the dorm

Moderate friendliness

The first thing you need to establish a friendlyrelationship with roommates, block and floor. But in no case can not be imposed, and even resort to such methods as flattery and flattery. It is necessary to show oneself from the good side - to be moderately friendly, always keep the conversation going, and not be shy in taking the necessary moments to take the initiative. The most important thing is to show your partner that they can count on support.

By the way, it is also important to establish contact with the commandant. Enter his confidence by any means! Usually it is enough to be polite, always to greet, smile and not do anything prohibited by the rules (to secretly bring guests, bring in alcohol, smoke in the wrong places, etc.).

Then, over time, you can go onunobtrusive compliments and gifts. It seems: "Inna Viktorovna, my parents handed me the package, and in it our local good wine - keep it, help yourself" Why do you need it? Because communications with the commandants are never superfluous.

 how to survive in the hostel freshman


If this quality is not, you have to purchase. How to survive in the dorm? Be loyal to all and show understanding.

Because the hostel is a world in miniature. Within its borders one can meet a variety of people - in terms of nationality, religious beliefs, values ​​in life, orientation, race, subcultures, etc.

Even if someone doesn't like it, just becauseit is what it is, do not show it. What if the situation turns in such a way that the most annoying person will soon become the closest friend?

Defining order and discipline

How to survive a student in a hostel? No, if he doesn’t agree with his neighbors about all the important nuances concerning co-existence in one room.

Need to discuss everything: who's going to bed at what time, how often they plan to do the cleaning, and on what time schedule, whether there are “protesters” against the guests, etc. Having solved all the issues at once, you will be able to demonstrate mutual respect and avoid further conflicts.

Already in the first days it becomes clear how it works.home world away from parents. For a student no one will clean. Mountains of garbage are growing at an astounding rate, the contents of the cabinet start to be stored on the bed, the desktop turns into a dining room ... and all this starts to oppress sooner or later. And besides, it’s not pleasant to live with a slob, so you need to immediately tune in to regular cleaning if there is no such habit.

how to survive in the hostel girl

Manifestation of character

Without it, can not do. How to survive in the hostel first-year girl or barely enrolled guy? We need to remember our inner “core”. Because the hostel is not always fun and fun. Why?


Nothing needs to be done to become their object -just enough for someone not to like. Rumors and gossip will in any case, you need to come to terms with it in advance. To refute them (or sow doubt in the minds of those who believe in them), you just have to behave with dignity.


Dorm is full of them. If you want to save yourself, your wallet and nerves, you should always say that there is no money. Or completely back to back. Having borrowed someone a hundred times, you can safely be prepared for the fact that in two days someone will come to ask for a thousand.

Firm no

Situation: an evening, desperate attempts to prepare for an important seminar ... and then Max from the 417th room flies into the room and calls for Stas birthday from 531st! Wine is a river, the table is breaking from sushi and pizza, the music on the whole floor ... is tempting. How can you not agree?

But then comes the day of the seminar. Which, of course, is not an option to go after such a night. From one time there will be nothing, but only the fun draws in, and with systematic absenteeism there is a risk of being excluded, losing the scholarship, getting tied up in “tails”. So we must learn to say no when necessary.

how to survive a student in a hostel

What should I get?

This question is asked by many students who are pondering how to survive in a hostel to a freshman. So, here's what exactly will not be superfluous:

  • Separate shower slippers. Required for corridor-type hostels. It is unlikely that someone wants to pick up the fungus of the foot in the first week of independent life.
  • Ear plugs An invention that will not hearthe movements of the neighbor's lark, the sounds of night drunkenness or someone's active personal life. Even if all of the above will occur at arm's length, and at the same time.
  • Powerful headphones. Here and everything is clear - it is difficult to live in a hostel without background music.
  • Duplicate. Doing them is usually forbidden, but many bypass this.position. Because students sleep a dead sleep! And if you want to be late, you can simply not get inside. So an extra key is a necessary thing.

 how to survive in the hostel freshman

Common moneybox

The financial question has always been painfulfor students. There is always not enough money, especially if parents do not help the student. Therefore, the whole room / unit need to unite! A common piggy bank is a convenient and rational solution to all issues related to nutrition. For example, all together make a list of products for the week (so as not to gain too much at the supermarket), calculate the approximate amount, divide it equally, drop it, and go shopping. Also remember the following:

  • If parents send a parcel, then it will not be superfluous to ask them to put there the most - in order to share with neighbors.
  • From expensive products will have to be abandoned.
  • Food purchases for the future do not have to, since all stocks are eaten ahead of time - this is a common paradox.

how to survive in the hostel girl freshman

How to manage to learn?

This question is also worth noting attention, sinceit's about how to survive in a hostel. Almost every student who has moved from his native home here, this place resembles a noisy hive or birdhouse. One is actively discussing some pressing issue with a neighbor, the second one snores sweetly on the bed, the third one swears, trying to solve a difficult task ... How can you learn in such an environment?

Complicated. But you still have to tune in to study, there is no way out. This is the first thing to learn. Fortunately, there are ways to facilitate learning in a noisy environment. Here they are:

  • Headphones with calm background music without words. It helps to abstract, but does not cause the desire to break away under it in full.
  • Recreation area or windowsill in the hallway. If the room / unit is very noisy, then these places will fit to prepare for a particular subject.
  • Park or square. They usually have benches, so that in the warm season you can go there.
  • Library. Perhaps there is no place that would set up productive activities stronger. Besides, there is nothing distracting there! No fridge, no neighbors, no computer with social networks. Yes, you have to spend time on the road, but in the end you will still manage to manage faster.

how to survive in a student hostel

Advice to girls

Finally - a few words about how to survive in the hostel freshman. Because, as a rule, girls worry about moving more than boys. Although everything is individual, it happens and vice versa.

Initially, the girl should take a neighborhood withanother freshman as a necessity, but also to be benevolent, open and friendly. Demonstrating the expectation of friendship for centuries is not worth it (it is intrusive), but it also seems cold - too. In general, the most important thing is not to disturb the personal space of the neighbor.

How to survive in the hostel girl, if in the neighboringDo guys live in rooms? For some, it can be a problem and a reason to worry. But everything is simple. It is not recommended to actively go for rapprochement with guys, but also to demonstrate isolation - as well. Otherwise, building yourself as a touchless person, even in normal communication, there is a risk of causing a desire to “put in place.”

And finally, the last tip on howsurvive in a student hostel. It is universal. And it sounds like this: you have to be strong. Both boys and girls. Dormitory - the concentration of a variety of people, many of whom do not stop to use the weak. Therefore, it is very important to continue to value yourself, your “I”, personal principles and values ​​even in such a place.