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How to survive parting with a girl

The moment came when you parted ways withmy beloved, although until the very last moment you have firmly believed that your relationship is just wonderful, and separation will never come. Regardless of whose side it looks cynical, it only concerns you two. There can be a huge number of reasons, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that you are no longer together.

How to survive the parting with the girl? From this situation on the soul involuntarily remains a sediment in the form of impressions and memories, the heart of which more often beats and cracks, but in the heart of longing. To begin with, all you need is to try to forget the girl. It is not easy to do this, but this step is necessary to move on in life. To survive the separation from the girl, sit down and think carefully, but do you really need it as much as you imagine it. Maybe the past feelings are not love, but only fanaticism. Perhaps you are attracted only by the image, not by the person himself, or whether you are deeply in love with her body, and are not interested in character. Inspire yourself that such a relationship in a year or another will still not lead to anything good. Do not be sad that everything went away, rejoice that you had it.

To understand how to survive the parting withgirl, you should highlight the benefits that you have gained due to the fact that you had these relationships. Firstly, you would never move your brains in such a way and develop your imagination to decide what to buy for a holiday. They would not go to theaters, they would never hear beautiful songs and would not know about a lot of interesting hobbies. For this she can already say "thank you". Moreover, now you are fully aware of why the relationship can be interrupted, and what actions can force you to survive the separation from the girl. In the future, this you no longer allow. Destiny itself directs you on the true path, so, further, using your experience, look for your one, and do not try to return the former. Believe me, nothing will not help you not to think about how to survive the parting with your beloved girl, like searching for a new lover.

Do not ask questions "who is to blame", "thatnow I will do "," how to turn back the clock ", etc. Dare that love has passed, like a time that has never been returned. And to quickly forget everything that you had, get out of your dwelling, drop everything that reminds you of the past, clean your phone from messages and delete all photos from the computer. No word, no symbol or object should remind you of your past love.

In order not to think how to survive the parting withgirl, and just forget about it, tell about your break to all your friends and acquaintances. Ask that each time they meet you they support you. The most important thing is not to start abusing alcohol, as many do. This will only cause a feeling of regret in the eyes of your acquaintances, who may have a false opinion that you are a weakling, crying because of "bab." Everything that you do not do is for the best. To solve the problem of "how to survive parting with your beloved girl" someone takes a month, someone has a year, and some have their whole life. Nevertheless, in 10-12 days you will not be constantly thinking about your loss, and within two weeks you will probably be able to start a new life. Try in this period not to stay at home alone, and if you still stay, do not hesitate to write down your thoughts on paper. Yes, it is on paper. Get a kind of diary, or a "live" magazine on the Internet. Communication with other people who will give advice will also help to find the right decision, how to survive the parting with the girl.

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