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The rules of friendship, what are they?

A friend is a person who will not only rejoice at the successes of a friend, but also support in a difficult situation. But how to find true friends? What should be done to keep the comrade forever?

rules of friendship


The rules of friendship say that friends should allknow each other, be aware of all the news and situations that happen in everyone's life. Only this way it will be possible to understand when a friend needs support, and when it is better to be happy for him. Knowing that a close person is facing an important task, one must support him; if he has a difficult situation - to put a shoulder of help, etc. Only knowing what happens in the life of a friend, you can do it all in time.

Area of ​​reach

The following, as the rules of friendship say:always need to stay connected and be within reach. If a friend something happens, he urgently may need help. And to whom, then, how to address, how not to a friend? So if you want to hide from the whole world, friends and relatives should know exactly where to look for the loss.

 friendship rules in the classroom


The rules of friendship say that you should avoidgossip that touches a friend. Just do not listen to them and do not take them seriously. If something happens, the comrade will tell you about it, everything else is the conjecture of envious people and just bad people.

Pure emotions

It is also very important to always be completely honestwith their friends. Only the truth, only the purest emotions and only sincerity - this is the guarantee of a successful friendship. If there is a lie in the relations of friends, this is the beginning of the end, and soon such relations will just go wrong. Then the friendship will cease to exist.


The rules of friendship say that comrades needprotect. As verbally - in a dispute or in the clarification of relationships, and physically, if a weaker friend is hurt by bad people. Friends need to be able to defend in any situation. However, if the comrade is not right, it will be unfair to indulge him in this. In such a situation, the denial of assistance will not be considered a betrayal, although the friend will initially seem to be.

A variety of help

The rules of friendship in the class say that theircomrades need help in any situation. It will not be bad if you give your classmate a write-off for homework or help on a test. However, a good friend after this will take his friend on bail and explain the material that he does not understand.

rules of friendship for children

The Last Shirt

The rules of friendship for children also state thattheir friends need to share. And all. The last sandwich, favorite toy or valuable gadget. If a person is willing to give something to someone else's most precious, then it's a true friend.


Also it is worth remembering that you can not make friendsopenly criticize, mock and play a trick on them in public. It may not please a friend, moreover, this behavior looks like a desire to seem better than a friend. And in friendship it is simply unacceptable.


Understanding how to make friends is necessary,understand that each person should have personal space and personal time. Do not take offense at a friend, if he wants to be alone or communicate with other people. There is nothing wrong with this, but jealousy is no longer good. Openness and trust - that's what is needed in friendship.