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How to beat off a guy from another female?

It is not uncommon for a situation when a question ariseson how to beat off a guy from another female? They arise, as a rule, because, you find your ideal, as it seems to you, and he, an unfortunate misunderstanding, is occupied by someone else. Should we be surprised at the banality of history, if it is reliably known that the princes do not lie on the road, and, consequently, the prince you found, you need not one of you. And in the head begins a kaleidoscope of thoughts and questions: how to beat off the guy from the other? What ways to fight off a guy will help solve your problem?

Let's try to create an instruction, listing the ways and recommendations on how to beat off a guy from another female representative, based on her personal life experience.

We will make a real assessment of the situation.

Whatever it was, but it was that guy, onwhich you have your specific aspirations and plans, meets with someone else and visually gives the impression that they are quite happy. What should we do when faced with such a problem - to find acceptable and effective ways to discourage a guy or retire from their horizon, envying them from the outside?

Obviously, many will prefer the first optionoutcome of events. No other version, except how to beat off the guy from the other, does not have such a life-long stamina and purposefulness. To achieve results, it is sacrificed very much, since, at that moment, it seems that any means will be justified by the achieved goal. But it may be more correct to pay attention to real examples, when the result achieved by the price of self-sacrifice not only was not justified by the result, but also led to severe disappointments and even tragedies, where the price of the matter is your destiny, your own happiness and well-being. In addition to the above, we can not fail to mention the public condemnation and censure of such acts.

In life, besides, there are quite a lot of examples with a positive result, when newly created couples are combined and live in a happy marriage for many years.

In conclusion, I want to note that the one you choseor someone else the prince is not a bull, which is pulled on a string. If the positive is achieved and you are together, it means that your reasons were not only for you, but for the satellite you acquired. Therefore, no matter what happens, everything is for the best, because if you believe in the proverb, it's better to regret later, but still, rather than regret that you did not.

Let's move from evaluation to real advice.

First you need to understand what type of women your prince prefers, what he likes and what his range of interests and acquaintances is, thereby equip himself with knowledge and begin to prepare an offensive.

Having collected the necessary information, maximallywe will critically evaluate our appearance, style of dress, manicure, and communicate a lot, thus changing ourselves, almost beyond recognition, but with the wishes of the guy you want not only to interest, but also to take away from your opponent.

If his real companion is familiar to you, thenOn the one hand, it can be regarded as a minus, and on the other - to get the most out of this: it's painless to join his company, get the most information you need not only about the guy himself, but also about their real relationship with your rival.

To act, under any circumstances,should be as carefully and unobtrusively as possible, so that your tactics remain unobserved by others. All your actions should be clear and focused, you can not allow the possibility of a negative attitude towards you from your object or his companion. Remember that a man, according to folk wisdom, is a head, and a woman fulfills the function of the neck. Therefore, where the neck turns, there goes also the head, but it is extremely important for a man to be sure that he acts by his own decision, and not by someone's prompt or, God forbid, under someone's control. Therefore, to direct your prince's thoughts in the right direction should be as carefully and not intrusively as possible so that he does not feel pressure from outside. But as a result, I made the only decision - to leave my companion for you. Was this task before us?

The desire to discourage the former guy, as a rule,arises in the event that the separation occurred due to the desires of one of the two heroes, and you can not accept loss, and with a sharp negative perceive all the girls who, explicitly or indirectly, build their plans on it. Perhaps you want to discourage the former guy, only to prove to yourself and others that he has always loved and loves only you. Believe that this is not entirely reasonable and correct, since it is too unlikely that such relations will grow into something serious, but sacrifices the feelings of others for the sake of increasing their self-esteem - this is low. Let's love not only yourself, but also the people around you.